The Most Important Features Pharmacies Should Look for in a Pharmacy Kiosk

By Aila Staff

August 2, 2022

Pharmacy kiosks are quickly gaining popularity across major pharmacies as an effective way to automate a range of transactions, allowing shoppers and patients to serve themselves quickly and conveniently.

From check-in to self-checkout, pharmacy kiosks restore time for pharmacists and boost patient satisfaction. And while pharmacy kiosks can’t replace dedicated employees, they improve efficiency, expand services, and expand the convenience of online to in-location.

Two main types of pharmacy kiosks

Pharmacy kiosks fall into two general categories: point systems and self-service platforms. Kiosks that handle specialized services like blood pressure testing and body mass index measurements are specialized and provide a singular purpose. 

In contrast, pharmacy kiosks that can handle multiple tasks like check-in, checkout, product information, etc., are built to enable multiple self-service experiences and, from that perspective, operate as a platform.

Pharmacy kiosk

Pharmacy Kiosk Key Features

As more retail pharmacies look to self-service kiosks to drive efficiency and convenience, pharmacy kiosks that provide out-of-the-box features provide several advantages over traditional systems. Take check-in, for example; pharmacy kiosks with integrated image-based scanning allow patients to check themselves in by scanning their mobile phones, driver’s license,s and insurance cards in seconds —replacing the manual intake process.

Here is a summary of the six key features to look for in a pharmacy kiosk:

  1. Integrated Image-based scanning: with integrated scanning technology, there’s no need for external scan guns or flatbed scanners.. Aila’s Interactive Kiosk offers integrated, image-based scanning that scans over 45 different barcode symbologies, including 1D/2D barcodes, IDs, OCR, and more, providing reliable data capture in fractions of a second.
  2. Tablet-based technology: There’s a reason 82% of work done on mobile devices is done on iOS/iPadOS. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain and is the OS customers and employees know and love. IPad-based pharmacy kiosks leverage the superior power, security, and flexibility of iOS/iPadOS and deliver more bang for the buck over legacy systems.
  3. Peripheral Integration: Integrating a wide range of best-in-class accessories such as printers, payment terminals, and more with your pharmacy kiosk makes it easy to deploy and maintain a range of consistent self-service experiences with other in-location technology.
  4. Power Management: The integrated USB-C Power Hub that’s also featured in Aila’s Interactive Kiosk manages power for the kiosk, the iPad, and accessories such as payment terminals, printers are more. Add or remove the peripherals to create unique self-service experiences all across your physical locations- on one platform.
  5. Mounting Options: Pharmacy kiosk mounting options should be built to handle high-transaction environment while providing a modern and inviting experience.. Mounting options should include floor, table, wall and more.
  6. Customizations: The ability to further customize your self-service kiosk is also key to creating engaging and convenient experiences .Custom colors and graphics help to extend your brand experience.

As retail pharmacies continue to evolve rapidly, automation is key to driving efficiencies and enhancing patient service. From point solutions to platforms, pharmacy kiosks can perform a wide variety of specialized tasks and transactions. 

Pharmacies with multiple locations can automate several transactions that save pharmacists time and provide a better customer experience through iPad-based pharmacy kiosks. Aila’s Interactive Kiosk. offers five critical features for pharmacy kiosks and is built for large-scale deployments. Contact us to see if the Interactive Kiosk is right for your pharmacies. 


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