The One Solution That Does it All for In-Store Omnichannel

By Aila Staff

March 23, 2016

Successful brands are focusing more than ever on delivering true omnichannel shopping by finding ways to combine in-store and online shopping into one seamless experience. 

As brands learn how to avoid silos and integrate all their shopping channels, augmented in-store shopping is increasingly important. The key is to find technology that intertwines the conveniences of both online and bricks-and-mortar shopping, creating a magnified in-store experience throughout the store, from greeting customers with sales and coupons to helping guide them to the right garment in the fitting room.

iPad-based kiosks help clinch sales through each step of the buying process. Here are eight ways brands can use iPad-based kiosk solutions for in-store omnichannel:

    1. Price checker: Basic as it may sound, a multifunctional iPad-based kiosk can work as a simple price checker. Price checkers have long been a part of any successful bricks-and-mortar establishment, but the all-in-one kiosk offers the advantage of drawing customers into deeper engagement with the products by going beyond simple price checking.
    2. Store entrance greeting kiosks: iPad-based kiosks allow brands to greet customers with coupons and deals as they enter the store and to offer personalized prices for deepened relationships with loyalty program members. Customers quickly scan a loyalty card or enter a code at point-of-entry kiosks and receive prices and promotions they would otherwise have missed.
    3. Product locator and information: At entry points and around the store, kiosks can help customers find exactly what they’re looking for, provide product information and reviews and offer suggestions for complementary products as well. Shoppers avoid the frustration of searching for products, and brands never miss an opportunity for an upsell.
    4. Smart fitting rooms: Savvy clothing retailers are reporting resounding success with smart fitting rooms, made possible by iPad-based kiosks that are engaging, functional and secure. Customers love the convenience of calling an associate or getting additional product info without having to redress, and brands love that the devices provide clienteling functionality even without an associate’s assistance.
    5. Call for assistance: Even in the aisles, customers find themselves in need of assistance from sales associates, and failing to locate one immediately can quickly turn to shopper frustration. iPad-based kiosks let shoppers call for assistance with the touch of a button and then browse products during their (hopefully short) wait.
    6. Image recognition technology: Weekly circulars and brand coupons are smarter and more effective with the image recognition technology of iPad-based kiosks. A quick and reliably-easy scan of any image or barcode instantly provides customers with a product’s price and location in the store, plus brands can promote special deals on similar items.
    7. Smooth device handoff: Kiosks enable smooth device handoff, seamlessly transferring online shopping carts to physical ones. Most customers will have researched and selected items before entering the store; a quick stop at an iPad-based kiosk can help them immediately identify and secure those items, so no sales are lost to frustration points like the inability to find the desired product.
    8. Augmented reality displays: iPad-based kiosks are taking eye-catching and engaging to the next level with augmented reality displays in retail stores. Image recognition scanning lets customers use products as a starting point to launch games or videos, a feature which especially resonates with brands targeting children who don’t yet have mobile devices. Creating immersive bricks-and-mortar shopping lets the customer imagine the possibilities of the product line, guides them through a mesmerizing journey to the product they need, and invites them to enjoy an element of play while interacting with the brand.

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