Our Mission

Since our founding in 2010, we’ve made it our mission to end lines, increase workforce efficiency, and elevate the customer experience

Our story

Empowering enterprises with self-service solutions that conquer lines and labor challenges

Aila Technologies has been at the edge of self-service innovation since 2010, meeting the evolving needs and expectations of customers with self-service solutions that end long lines and elevate staff, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business for our clients.

Aila’s Integrated platform, incorporating computer vision, hardware, software, and services, empowers our clients to optimze resources more effectively while decreasing costs.

Since then, our tailored solutions have enabled our clients to deliver seamless, automated customer interactions, boosting sales, loyalty and operational performance for some of the world’s most renowned enterprises and franchisors.

Aila in the News
5+ Million transactions a day

As a leader in self-service, we power millions of transactions every single day, ensuring seamless interactions for customers, products, and packages.

96% Proven customer satisfaction

We’re leading the charge to end long customer lines and wait times, provide greater convenience and a hassle-free experience every time with our ultra-intuitive solutions with integrated image-based scanning.

99% Uptime

Aila’s integrated platform delivers industry-leading uptime, ensuring that your self-service solutions are continuously optimized and any potential issues are addressed, even before they arise.

we offer

The most powerful and flexible self-service
platform built to scale

Aila is purpose built to make large-scale deployments feel fast, light, powerful and utterly game changing for customers.

Aila’s Integrated Platform
Unrivaled Vision Technology

Aila’s intelligent vision technology delivers 40X the resolution of traditional scanning for rapid, error-free scanning of over 45 symbologies, ensuring accuracy and efficiency every time.

Performance & Flexibility

Aila’s Interactive Kiosk features 5X more processing power than competitors, alongside flexible peripheral and mounting options for an ideal customer experience that’s both scalable and cost-effective, without the bulk of traditional kiosk hardware.

Superior Experience

Enable exceptional customer experiences with ultra-intuitive hardware, industry-leading scanning, and managed services that deliver 96% CSAT, all while maintaining maximum uptime and streamlined workflows.

Turnkey Convenience

Experience the turnkey nature of our self-service solution, arriving in a convenient 7 lb box, complete and ready to install, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Reliable Uptime Assurance

Count on Aila’s full solution with a 99% uptime SLA guarantee for consistent and reliable performance.

ROI in Days

Aila’s full solution offers a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to alternatives, delivering a rapid return on investment (ROI) in just days.


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At Aila, your work matters. Every contribution from Aila’s people and teams is felt throughout leading brands, global industries and the customers they serve.

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