Automated Pickups & Drop-offs

Pickup and Drop-off Kiosk

Give shoppers a seamless experience that boosts sales, automates returns, and drives loyalty.


Boost in-store sales and efficiency where 47% of shoppers buy more when picking up in-store*

Verify pickups with barcodes, IDs and more

Don’t have a barcode handy? No problem. Aila’s industry-leading vision technology scans and captures over 45 different symbologies, including 1D/2D barcodes and IDs, verifying order pickup in seconds.

No need to give up valuable retail space

Bring click-and-collect to your brick and mortar locations without sacrificing valuable floor space. Customize locker sizes and shelving units to fit your retail environment.

customize fixtures and bins

Accommodate various package sizes and quantities

Aila’s pickup and drop-off kiosk solution offers flexibility to handle various package sizes, quantities, and volumes. It works with different-sized bins and fixtures and can integrate receipt printers and polybags, providing a seamless Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS) and drop-off solution across all of your locations.

Maximize uptime with comprehensive services

Aila offers a comprehensive range of managed services that maximize field performance throughout the entire deployment lifecycle. Complemented by Aila’s Remote System Monitoring, we ensure maximum uptime with a 99% Uptime SLA.

customize fixtures and bins

Make pickup and drop-offs seamless

Create a tailored solution for your enterprise needs.
Explore one possible workflow—but the possibilities are endless.


Launch better pickup & drop-offs across your stores

User-friendly & lighting fast

Customers can quickly and efficiently process pickups and drop-offs without the need for assistance.

Seamless integration

Easily integrate scanning features into your pickup or drop-offs app with our SDK or build a custom app with Aila.

Plug & play platform

Simple installation, fully managed solution with >99% uptime & live system monitoring


Enable a better pickup and drop-off experience today

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You have questions, we have answers

Does the pickup and drop-off kiosk support Wi-Fi and ethernet?

Yes, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk supports both Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity.

Does it support payment terminals?

 Yes, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk supports the Verifone e355, Ingenico iSMP4, and Lane/3000 payment terminals. It also comes complete with Integral charging contacts for reliability.

Does Aila work with franchisor-networked businesses?

Yes, our expertise in handling large-scale implementations enables us to enable and deploy self-service solutions that meet the needs of franchise-operated businesses across various industries without unwanted complexity.

Do Aila products support 3rd-party peripherals?

Our USB-C hub can support power and data connectivity for peripherals such as payment terminals, fingerprint readers, printers, and other devices that can natively interact with iOS and iPadOS™.

Is the iPad included?

Aila is an Authorized Apple Reseller and can supply the iPads for your deployment as part of your self-service solution.

How does your click and collect kiosk solution handle data security and privacy?

The Interactive Kiosk is a “pass-through” solution that does not store app data. Contact us to review detailed information security with your team. 

What is the implementation timeline for introducing click-and-collect/ pickup kiosks into our stores?

At Aila, we take pride in our ability to accelerate enterprise customers’ time to market. Allow us to demonstrate how we can guide you from design, through pilot phases, to complete deployments within just 90 days. Contact sales today.

Can your kiosk help with shrink/loss prevention? Or how do you deal with shrink?

With our forward-facing camera, we have been investigating concepts to detect, identify, and prevent loss. Let’s check out our line counting kiosk to see how the front-facing camera works.

Are Aila devices compatible with Android?

Aila products are engineered exclusively for iOS and iPadOS™—the most intuitive, secure, and powerful platforms for enterprise solutions.

What is a pickup and drop-off kiosk?

A pickup and drop-off kiosk is a self-service solution that allows customers to pick up or drop-off items they have purchased on their own, letting them skip the line and freeing up retail staff for other tasks.

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