Mobile Scanning

Barcode Scanning for iOS Devices

Empower your iOS devices with unparalleled scanning capabilities for seamless operations.

iOS Mobility Solutions

Harness iOS mobility with the power and flexibility of Aila’s SoftScan™ SDK

mobile barcode scanning

Aim less, scan more

Aila’s SDK for mobile barcode scanning harnesses the power of iOS device cameras unlike any other, effortlessly eliminating the need for excessive aiming and enabling users to streamline their scanning process with unparalleled efficiency.

mobile scanning - unlimited scanning

Enhance mobility across the enterprise

Empower enterprise mobility by equipping your workforce with the ability to seamlessly scan using their iOS devices, ensuring productivity remains high even in fast-paced and dynamic work settings.

mobile scanning - easy integration

Versatile integration to fit your workflows

Seamlessly integrate scanning functionalities into your existing iOS applications with our SDK, unlocking endless possibilities for enhancing your business workflows.

mobile barcode scanning
mobile scanning - unlimited scanning
mobile scanning - easy integration
Enterprise Mobility

Empower your enterprise with Aila’s SoftScan SDK for iOS devices

Retail and Hospitality

Unlock the potential of mobile scanning in retail and hospitality sectors, where it seamlessly manages tasks like product pricing, cycle counts, check-in, and membership card management with ease and efficiency.

Transportation & Logisitics

Transforming the transportation and logistics landscape, mobile scanning optimizes critical operations including picking and packing, shipping and receiving, inventory management, and rental car returns, driving seamless efficiency and productivity.


Revolutionizing healthcare operations, our mobile scanning technology empowers tasks such as laboratory/pharmacy management, accurate specimen labeling, ID & access control, telehealth, and patient engagement at the bedside, ensuring precision, security, and seamless patient experiences.


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You have questions, we have answers

Will I be charged per scan?

With Aila’s SoftScan, enjoy unlimited scanning for life on a monthly basis per device, supporting up to five apps per device.

Is SoftScan compatible with Android?

Aila’s SoftScan SDK is engineered exclusively for iOS and iPadOS™—the most intuitive, secure, and powerful platforms for enterprise solutions.

What is an image-based scan engine?

Harnessing the advanced camera systems on iOS devices, Aila’s image-based scanning technology offers unparalleled performance and cost-effectiveness by optically scanning barcodes, text, images, and more, ensuring best-in-class results.

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