Improving patient experiences and clinician workflows

Improve patient outcomes and practice productivity by simplifying intake, verification, and payments, creating an environment where the patient is always the focus.

Cut wait times by 4X, save clinician time by 20%

Aila’s complete self-service platform transforms healthcare efficiency with flexible hardware, intelligent data capture, and more.

Streamline patient intake

Give patients the option to check themselves in with their ID, insurance card, or on their smartphone in seconds.

Reduce the burden on staff

Dramatically reduce the clerical burden on staff while enabling faster patient processing without additional staffing.

Improve data accuracy

Eliminate date errors and replace manual data entry with advanced image capture.

Integrated Solutions

Enhancing enterprise healthcare with ultra-flexible and reliable patient and clinician self-service solutions

Patient Intake

Provide quick, discreet, and welcoming patient check-in

Streamline intake at each location with fast, confidential, and consistent patient check-in, free of excess waiting, errors and paper-based forms.

Streamline Intake

Aila’s patient check-in kiosk lets patients quickly check themselves in with their ID, insurance card, or on their smartphone in seconds.

Improve efficiency

Eliminate rote manual data entry from paper forms and dramatically reduce the clerical burden on staff.

Reduce errors

Eliminate data entry errors with touchless scanning and form auto-fill, ensuring the accuracy of patient information.

Patient Check-in Kiosk
Clinician Workflows

Replace PCs with iPad-based technician stations

Aila’s iPad-based Interactive Kiosk offers an all-in-one solution, seamlessly integrating image-based scanning capabilities and unparalleled flexibility into clinician workflows.

Lower TCO

Enhanced reliability, flexibility, and power, achieved with fewer hardware requirements, reduced maintenance, and lower energy consumption.

Reduce errors

Aila’s Interactive Kiosk provides unmatched image-based scanning that delivers crystal clear images and 99% accuracy.

Ease of use & increased productivity

Aila’s iPad-based kiosk is highly intuitive, powerful, and fast, significantly reducing the training time required for both new and existing staff.

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Pharmacy Kiosk

Save pharmacists’ time and improve patient experiences

Aila gives patients and pharmacists back their time, with intuitive self-service kiosks and interactions—all on one secure, enterprise-ready platform.

Automate lower-value tasks

Simplify ID verification, Rx pickup, and more, slashing customer wait times and freeing pharmacists and technicians for higher-value interactions.

Streamline check-in

Provide a fast, reliable, and convenient intake process by allowing patients to check in using their smartphones, IDs, and insurance cards.

Assist with ease

Streamline loyalty program sign-ups, price checking, and convenient over-the-counter shopping with Aila’s versatile, self-service platform.

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