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Intelligent automation for greater efficiency

Boost efficiency, streamline workflows, and increase productivity for back and front-of-house operations.

2-3X faster with near 100% accuracy

Boost efficiency, productivity, and throughput with Aila’s platform for warehouse, distribution, transportation, and logistics.

Automate more workflows

Aila’s unrivaled data capture transforms operational workflows, is easy to install, and offers lower TCO.

Get results, fast

We make it easier to design, pilot, and deploy faster and more efficiently.

Scale with ease

Designed to scale without unnecessary complexity, reliably deploy with industry-leading uptime.

Integrated Solutions

Transform more workflows with intelligent data capture, flexible hardware, and more — on one, integrated platform

Unassisted Package Drop-Off

Automate drop-offs in any location

Aila’s image-based scanning technology automates the drop-off process, streamlining reverse logistics by quickly and reliably scanning packages without the assistance of staff.

Boost Efficiency

Automated package drop-off systems significantly reduce wait times for customers, allowing quick scanning and depositing of parcels without needing to queue or wait for manual processing.

Enhance Convenience

Customers experience enhanced convenience with automated drop-off, offering 24/7 accessibility and flexibility for dropping off packages, eliminating the need to adhere to specific operational hours.

Improved Accuracy & Speed

Leveraging advanced image-based scanning technology, automated drop-off systems ensure precise package scanning and rapid processing, reducing errors and expediting the delivery process.

Pickup, Drop-off Kiosk
Automated Picking

Lightning fast order picking

Semi-autonomous robots equipped with Aila’s SoftScan and hardware allow warehouse employees to pick orders faster and with fewer errors.

Unmatched scanning

Retrieve the necessary information about any product within seconds regardless of the condition, lighting, glare, and position of the barcode.


Unlike traditional scan engines, Aila’s cutting-edge scanning technology is constantly evolving to incorporate new symbologies and deliver heightened performance.

Supercharge productivity

Aila’s scanning technology turbocharges large warehouse picking productivity, enhancing accuracy, speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in meeting expansive scanning needs.

Locus Case Study
Visitor Management

Smarter visitor management & employee check-in

Optimize check-ins with secure authentication, swift arrivals, and versatile scanning to enhance efficiency for different ID types.

Versatile scanning

With compatibility for over 45 barcode symbologies, including damaged barcodes, SoftScan ensures seamless scanning experiences across diverse IDs and products in warehouse settings.

Efficient arrivals

Implement digital and touch-free check-in of smartphones and more, reducing lines and staffing requirements.

Verify with more accuracy

Leverage the front-facing camera on Aila’s Interactive Kiosk for secure authentication.

Plenum Case Study
visitor management id verification check-in self-service

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