Automated Price Checking

Product Discovery and Price Checking Kiosk

Provide in-aisle product information to boost sales, increase the customer experience, and free up staff.


Get more from your price checkers with
personalized in-aisle experiences

Spend less time tagging and more time making sales

Retailers spend millions on individually pricing and retagging products. Save time and budget with in-aisle price checking kiosks.

Faster & more personalized experiences shoppers love

Provide the personalized, independent experiences shoppers demand. Aila’s price checking kiosk can connect with your loyalty system to educate & convert right in the aisle (without associate assistance).

Go way beyond basic price checking

Increase cart sizes with product recommendations and loyalty signups. Never miss a sale due to out-of-stock sizes and colors with click-to-collect.


Make price checking seamless

Create a tailored solution for your enterprise needs.
Explore one possible workflow—but the possibilities are endless.


Plug and play (and comply)

Effortless compliance

Meet local & state regulations around product pricing.

Fits anywhere

Small footprint with flexible mounting options and peripherals.

All-in-one platform

simple installation, fully managed solution with >99% uptime & live system monitoring.


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You have questions, we have answers

What is a price checking kiosk?

Price checking kiosks are self-service, in-aisle kiosks that allow shoppers to scan the barcode on a product to quickly see pricing information. Modern price-checking kiosks can also show member prices, deals, promotions, recommendations, and more.

How do price checking kiosks work?

Customers scan an item’s barcode (or QR code) and the kiosk displays detailed information about the product on a hi-resolution display. Modern price checkers can show much more than basic pricing information, with the ability to let shoppers browse product variations, see photos, reviews, and more.

How much do ordering kiosks cost?

The cost of price-checking kiosks varies depending on factors such as features, technology, and customization. Total cost of ownership (TCO) can also vary greatly depending on power usage and payment options. Aila offers flexible payment solutions for enterprises, with competitive pricing, volume discounts, and ROI you can measure in days.

Where do I buy an app for price checking kiosks?

Enterprises can choose to buy an app from a third-party developer, build an app in-house, or develop an app with Aila.

Can price checking kiosks provide real-time pricing information?

By integrating your price checkers with your inventory management system, your price checkers can show up-to-date pricing, including sale price, member price, and even whether the number of items left in stock. 

How easy is it to install and maintain price checking kiosks?

Alia’s Interactive Kiosk can be installed very quickly and without a technician. We also offer fully managed solutions, with support, exchange, monitoring and more, to make your deployment hassle-free.

What security measures are in place to protect the price checker and iPad from theft or damage?

The iPad inside the Interactive Kiosk is secured by a steel faceplate and barrel lock. Mounts are securely fixed to the surfaces in your stores. 

Is the iPad included?

Aila is an Authorized Apple Reseller and can supply the iPads for your deployment as part of your self-service solution.

Are price checking kiosks customizable to fit different store layouts?

Yes, the Interactive Kiosk is compatible with a range of mounting options that fit in any store environment, from walls, to columns, and countertops. 

Do Aila products support 3rd-party peripherals?

Our USB-C hub can support power and data connectivity for peripherals such as payment terminals, fingerprint readers, printers, and other devices that can natively interact with iOS and iPadOS™.

Are Aila devices compatible with Android?

Aila products are engineered exclusively for iOS and iPadOS™—the most intuitive, secure, and powerful platforms for enterprise solutions.

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