In today’s fast-paced retail pharmacy setting, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians face a myriad of tasks that can strain their time and resources. However, a solution lies in leveraging self-service technology, specifically pharmacy kiosks, to automate routine tasks and enhance the patient experience. By incorporating self-service pharmacy kiosks, pharmacies can optimize their operations, reduce wait times, […]

What do Chili’s, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell, all have in common? They’re all increasing order values at a vast scale with self-order kiosks. Restaurant self-order kiosks have quickly become standard fixtures in fast-food and fast-casual establishments. They can reduce lines, increase order sizes, and free up front-of-house staff. These interactive, order-and-pay kiosks have revolutionized the […]

The grocery industry plays a vital role in our daily lives, ensuring we have access to essential goods. However, this sector faces significant challenges, such as long lines and labor shortages, which negatively impact both customer satisfaction and financial stability.

The problem The healthcare industry is growing rapidly, but it faces numerous challenges that affect both operational efficiency and the patient experience. Long wait times, staff shortages, and medical errors have become pervasive issues that demand immediate attention. In our white paper, we explore the transformative potential of automated patient check-in kiosks in addressing these […]