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Aila SDK v1.9.3 Release Notes

By Aila Staff

October 2, 2019

Version 1.9.3 of the Aila SDK has officially released, making it easier for software teams to plan and deploy updates across their fleet of Interactive Kiosks, Mobile Imagers, or devices running SoftScan. This release allows teams to scan more advanced 1D/2D symbologies on their Aila devices and enables support for Aila’s latest Interactive Kiosk. 

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Software updates on your own timeline 

Smart  Unlock

Beginning with Aila SDK 1.9.3, Aila’s framework will not expire at the end of the year as long as it remains connected to an Aila device. This eliminates the risk of disruptions during mission-critical times in Q4 when software teams are typically in blackout for the holiday season. Teams can now defer framework updates to their applications outside of key blackout periods that are more suitable for their businesses. 

Access to new advanced symbologies

Updated Decoding Libraries

Our barcode decoding libraries have also been upgraded to scan even more advanced and non-standard 1D/2D barcode symbologies (additional licensing required). 

New supported symbologies include:


Support for the latest generation of iPads 

Interactive Kiosk for 3rd generation iPad Pro

As Apple and other technology leaders shift toward USB-C, so has Aila. The latest Interactive Kiosk for the 12.9” Gen 3 iPad Pro will communicate directly over USB-C. Our latest SDK has been updated to support Aila’s new Interactive Kiosk as well as remaining fully-compatible with previous generations. 

Intelligence and Peace of Mind

Automatic Power Management

Performance and power usage are always a tradeoff, especially with devices as powerful as the latest iPads. With 1.9.3, if we detect a battery draining too a critical state, we will automatically switch into safe mode to reduce power draw, avoiding any downtime.  

Modern Integration

Introducing Support for Swift

Beginning with v1.9.3 of the Aila SDK, we’re introducing a Swift module map which will allow developers to write their application in Swift without having to worry about using the Objective C bridging header.

Aila SDK v1.9.3 is available now. Get the update here

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