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Four Elements of a Compelling Retail Tablet Experience

In-store tech is the future of the retail experience. Here are four things retailers can do to start creating a more immersive environment for their customers.

Aila Staff
 In-store displays, from simple couponing kiosks to arresting augmented reality experiences, are the future of bricks-and-mortar retail, a fact explored twice recently by Forbes (here and here).

Savvy retailers can start to build immersive shopping environments with tablet-based devices (with iPads being the common tablet of choice), and here’s how to choose the right devices and enclosures for a truly compelling retail tablet experience:

  1. Define the experience goals: It’s important to think through each scenario of how customers will approach your in-store iPads and the result you’d like to see from that interaction. This will help best decide what your iPad and hardware should do, how it should be mounted/displayed and where it should be placed in your store.
    If you’re building a greeting kiosk, a device with a scanner will allow shoppers to scan circulars and coupons for pricing information, and scanners also allow customers to price check and find product information in kiosks throughout the store. Free-standing kiosks will need an attractive yet sturdy stand, while table-top displays can use a smaller, sleeker mount. Once you decide on your goals for the immersive shopping experience you’re creating, you’ll be able to identify the right enclosures to power your iPad.
  2. Convert the associates: Your innovative retail experience won’t launch without the buy-in of your sales associates. One way to ensure associates promote and augment your tech investment is by choosing devices and enclosures that are easy to use and provide tangible value, like giving them additional product information and aiding in the streamlining of associate workflows and tasks. Devices built around Apple’s mobile suite are familiar to associates, and the addition of next-gen scanning technology gives a frustration-free, one-handed scanning experience – the thoughtful tech that will make it easier and more convenient for associates to use.
  3. Control the experience: Especially in self-service kiosks, the ability to control the experience with customized access settings is imperative. The right enclosure will allow sales associates to control power options as well as app access and settings seamlessly, without removing any cases or fiddling with bulky covers. And of course, a secure yet discreet locking mechanism is a must.
  4. Choose innovative and reliable devices: Truly innovative design goes deeper than pleasing aesthetics. Look for enclosures and devices that incorporate industry-leading technology, such as scanning, with sleek yet robust design. And don’t forget the importance of a small, lightweight form factor for handhelds. It’s not enough that your hardware look the part – reliable materials and deliberate functionality is essential.

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