Get the full price checking kiosk solution sheet to explore: Enhanced Customer Experience: Ensure customers have access to pricing and product information, preventing missed sales opportunities due to lack of information. Increased Cart Sizes: Display recommended items, offers, and additional product options like sizes, colors, or add-ons to encourage larger purchases. Boosted Sign-Ups: Offer member-only […]

The razor-thin margins of the supermarket industry are a longstanding cause for innovation, creativity, and efficiency. From coupons to giving out free samples in the aisle, grocers are experts at finding new ways to engage and retain customers.  It’s no surprise then, that grocery retailers are on the forefront of automation in the store. From […]

The grocery industry plays a vital role in our daily lives, ensuring we have access to essential goods. However, this sector faces significant challenges, such as long lines and labor shortages, which negatively impact both customer satisfaction and financial stability.

Transform your deli or bakery ordering process with Aila’s comprehensive self-service deli kiosks. Get the full solution sheet to explore benefits like: Increased Efficiency: Empower customers to place orders quickly and independently, reducing queues and minimizing order entry errors for a smoother experience. Improved Order Accuracy: Let customers customize their orders, reducing mistakes and ensuring […]

In grocery store operations, the key to success is maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste. One way to achieve this is through the use of new and emerging technologies like online ordering, delivery, automated checkouts, and more. Let’s explore how grocery stores can streamline their operations with the help of the latest tools. Online Ordering and […]

Leading supermarkets like Whole Foods and Wegmans are transforming the grocery experience in three key ways.

Grocery store self-checkout kiosks have become a well-known fixture in the supermarket shopping experience. Labor shortages and shoppers’ increasing preference for self-service options have made self-checkout a necessity for grocers who hope to stay competitive.  However, grocery store self-checkouts come in many shapes and sizes, with varying features and functionality. From streamlined, cashless kiosks to […]

Grocery store kiosks improve the customer experience by reducing lines caused by labor shortages. Here’s what to consider when buying them.

Explore payment methods for self-checkout kiosks like cash, credit, debit, EMV, NFC, and QR codes.