Patient Check-in Tablets or Kiosks: Which Should You Choose? 

By Aila Staff

December 13, 2021

Like patient check-in kiosks, patient check-in tablets are becoming increasingly popular as a digital replacement to traditional paper-based patient intake processes. Both are used for self check-in, which has clear advantages: from offsetting labor shortages and improving patient experiences to reducing data entry errors and reducing wait times, digital self check-in is an optimal way to serve patients and streamline practice operations.

Patient check-in tablet or patient check-in Kiosk: which is best for you?

Patient Check-In Tablets

The main difference between a patient check-in tablet and a patient check-in kiosk comes down to the degree of mobility you’re looking to provide in your office. Most patient check-in tablets consist of two things: 

  1. Consumer tablet 
  2. Patient check-in application

The patient check-in application runs on the tablet. From there, the patient check-in tablet can be handed off from a staff member to a patient for the patient to complete the check-in process by inputting their information by tapping the appropriate buttons and keys that appear on the screen. 

The actual tablet can vary in terms of size and operating system. Most patient check-in tablets run on tablets like the iPad, since they are easier to use, offer superior processing speed, and are less costly than a dedicated patient check-in system. 

Patient check-in tablets can be beneficial to patients who prefer to stay seated during the check-in process since the patient check-in tablet can be placed on their lap by a staff member. 

Patient Check-In Kiosks

Similarly, Aila’s patient check-in kiosk is consists of:

  1. iPad 
  2. Hardware platform with integrated vision technology
  3. Patient check-in application

Unlike a patient check-in tablet that a staff member hands to a patient , Aila’s patient check-in kiosk is mounted on a floor stand, table, wall, or other hard surfaces, eliminating the need for a staff member to hand it to a patient. Patients can approach the kiosk to start their check-in. It’s worth noting that the Interactive Kiosk outfitted with Aila’s floor stand is 49 inches high and can also be reached by patients in wheelchairs. 

The Interactive Kiosks also offers integrated image-based scanning, which captures patient information from driver’s licenses, ID’s, and insurance cards in seconds and passes it to the patient check-in app, replacing the need to tap the screen. 

Touchless experiences like these reduce check-in times and help reduce the need to disinfect patient check-in tablet screens by staff between uses. Disinfecting touchscreens is particularly important for patient check-in tablets and should play a part in the responsibilities staff will have. Check out our display cleaning guide for more information, and consider antimicrobial screen protectors for added protection.  

So, which is best for your practice locations?

In short, both patient check-in tablets and patient check-in kiosks provide practices with several advantages. They can work together to give your patients the power of choice and added convenience. Considering the level of mobility, ease of use, and critical features like image-based scanning, both patient check-in tablets and patient check-in kiosks have the same goal in mind: improve patient experiences, and free up staff to focus on higher-value interactions. 

Learn how Aila can help you enable a modern patient check-in experience that is always ready to serve.

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