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Aila’s Self-Service Platform Takes Flight at Alaska Airlines

How Aila's iPad-based Interactive Kiosk™ is making airport check-in easier for travelers and more efficient for Alaska Airlines.

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The first airline to implement self-service airport kiosks, Alaska Airlines sought a sleeker and more user-friendly solution to replace its aging and bulky technology. This upgrade aimed to modernize the bag-tagging process by leveraging the familiarity and ease of use of Apple’s iPad.

The existing check-in technology, unsupported beyond Windows 7 and cumbersome for both travelers and agents, necessitated a shift towards simplified hardware to meet both operational needs and guest expectations. To meet this challenge, Alaska Airlines turned to a technology that was already successfully being used by its pilots, customer service agents, and maintenance crews: Apple’s iPad.

Alaska airlines bag tag kiosk with aila technologies


Delivering a modern and powerful bag tagging station on a unified platform

Alaska Airlines grappled with the limitations of aging kiosks with security risks, compliance issues, and short support lifecycles that left devices running on outdated operating systems. Moreover, the luggage tag scanning process was convoluted, leading to inefficiencies and frustration for travelers.

In a busy airport environment—one that can serve up to 200,000 passengers in a single day—speed and throughput are everything. The goal of expediting check-in and bag tagging without increasing physical footprint drove the need for a more streamlined solution.

While purchasing a more modern off-the-shelf kiosks was an option, the airline saw an opportunity to innovate and personalize the guest experience by integrating iPad-based solutions that could easily scan and read boarding passes and integrate with its bag tag printers, something that had never been accomplished before on iOS.

alaska airline self-service check-in and bag taging kiosk with Aila Technologies' Interactive Kiosk


Quick & intuitive check-in experience with Aila’s Interactive Kiosk

Alaska Airlines selected Aila’s Interactive Kiosk as a sleek, modern, and adaptable self-service platform to create its next-generation traveler check-in experience. Aila’s expertise in image-based scanning and ability to integrate peripherals, such as bag-tag printers, within its existing kiosk platform provided the airline with a highly-flexible solution they could confidently begin rolling out to airport lobbies across the US and Mexico.

When it came to standing out in the crowd of bulky and slow lobby kiosks, Aila was able to help Alaska Airlines set itself apart from its competitors with a highly customizable, versatile solution. This included selecting the best mounting option and enclosure color, and even customizing the color of the scan cone to provide the ideal guest experience.

Inside the Interactive Kiosk, Alaska Airlines was able to leverage the power and versatility of an iOS-based solution. The Interactive Kiosk extends the enterprise capabilities of Apple’s iPad by harnessing its processing power and superior cameras to deliver unmatched scanning capabilities. It can also integrate the iPad with a variety of printers and payment terminals and offers a UBC-Power Hub for integrated power management of the iPad and external peripherals.

“From twelve years old, to one-hundred and twelve, anyone can do it.”
– Alaska Airlines

Alia’s scanning experience set itself apart from competitors in terms of both performance and ease of use. The scanning on the former solution was non-intuitive for guests, who often couldn’t tell where they had to scan their code. Aila’s scanning on the other hand, was lightning fast and easy to use for passengers of any age and background.


Streamlining  check-in for more of its travelers across airports nationwide

The deployment of over 100 stations across the U.S. resulted in a 30% increase in kiosk adoption, with enhanced reliability and faster installation times. Transaction times were slashed from 2-3 minutes to just 48 seconds, significantly improving efficiency and guest satisfaction.

During the pilot of this industry-first solution,  troubleshooting efforts quickly ruled out Aila as the source of any issues, underscoring the reliability of the Interactive Kiosk solution.

“3X reduction in transaction times”
– Alaska Airlines

By partnering with Aila, Alaska Airlines successfully overcame the challenges posed by outdated kiosk systems, delivering a modern, efficient, and reliable experience for travelers. The transition from legacy technology to Aila’s Interactive Kiosk not only streamlined operations but also elevated the guest experience, underscoring the airline’s commitment to innovation both in the air and at the airport.

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