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Press Release: Tastry & Aila Team Up in Strategic Partnership Revolutionizing the In-Store Buying Experience

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A strategic partnership between Tastry, an interactive AI recommender software and Aila Technologies, a leading enterprise retail technology platform, to bring an enhanced customer experience to shoppers in-aisle.

San Luis Obispo, CA, October 15, 2018 –(PR.com)— Tastry has entered into a strategic partnership with Aila Technologies, a leading enterprise retail technology platform, to bring an enhanced customer experience to shoppers in-aisle. Tastry’s interactive AI recommender software on Aila’s iPad-based Interactive Kiosk with TrueScan technology enables retailers to merge physical products with digital content, allowing for enhanced product discovery and personalized recommendations.

Tastry recommends products with unparalleled accuracy

Tastry’s revolutionary software platform combines analytical chemistry, flavor preferences, and machine learning to provide consumer product recommendations with unparalleled accuracy. With the mission of providing the right product to the right individual at the right time, this collaboration enhances Tastry’s position in the retailer arena while significantly expanding its reach in the U.S. and other key, high-growth markets.

Aila’s Interactive Kiosk provides a scan-enabled iOS touchpoint

Aila Technologies blends iOS-based hardware and powerful computer vision-based scanning to deliver front-end applications such as the Tastry experience. With current deployments at grocery banners such as Stop & Shop, ShopRite, and Metro Canada, Aila’s partnership with Tastry opens up new opportunities to help retailers engage shoppers by providing highly relevant, personalized information in-aisle—at the point of the purchase decision.

Through this dynamic partnership, consumers will be able to discover and interactively explore products that fit their unique flavor profiles in-store. Aila’s Interactive Kiosk allows shoppers to scan products and IDs to sign up for loyalty rewards instantly, while Tastry’s AI platform enables product discovery by sharing core decision-making information such as price point, ingredients, and flavor profile fit.

The partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging the two leading companies’ respective strengths across two main areas:

  • Improving customer satisfaction: In the wine category, shoppers report a 45% increase in satisfaction with their purchase
  • Increasing cart size & ROI: Initial testing indicates a significant boost to ROI, including a $13 increase in average cart value

Tastry Chief Executive Officer, Katerina Axelsson, spoke about the strategic partnership:

“When we first encountered Aila, we immediately saw the potential and we are pleased to be the first sensory-based AI recommender partner. With Aila’s powerful and quick scanning capabilities they will help make the experience that much more seamless. Our goal is to support retailers and improve customer loyalty, repeat visits, drive in-store category revenue, and reduce direct-to-consumer marketing costs. This partnership is very exciting for both organizations.”

“Both Aila and Tastry are hyper-focused on improving the customer experience through cutting-edge technologies,” added TJ Paterick, Aila’s VP of Sales. “Pairing Tastry’s AI-driven personalization software with Aila’s best-in-class scanning technology and beautiful tablet-based hardware creates a packaged solution that can have transformative results. I’m excited to share this opportunity with our global network of innovative retailers.”A first glimpse of the partnership will be at the Tastry booth at the Grocery Shop event in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 28th-October 31st at Booth #S4.

About Tastry:

An AI company based in San Luis Obispo, California. Their patented technology has the ability to evaluate consumer taste preferences to sensory-based products using analytical chemistry, machine learning and AI. Tastry has accurately taught a computer how to taste. The technology serves retailers by providing science-based suggestions for product development, inventory purchase and direct-to-consumer recommendation. www.tastry.com

About Aila:

Aila Technologies delivers seamless experiences for enterprises, uniting real-world and online operations to empower employees, streamline workflows and delight customers at every touchpoint. Through Aila’s TrueScan software and suite of Interactive Kiosks and Mobile Imagers that beautifully combine proven iOS capabilities with superior integrated scanning, Aila enables front-end applications that create brand new possibilities in-store and beyond. Learn more about how Aila Technologies is making every interaction and transaction we touch more valuable, for every enterprise partner, every day, at ailatech.com.


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