The Retail Kiosk That Easily Enables 7 Exciting In-Store Experiences

By Aila Staff

March 10, 2022

Retailers with multiple locations are accelerating their in-store digitalization efforts to attract, engage, and serve more customers. With digital retail kiosks, for example, retailers can engage with customers in the ways they prefer — and this trend is not slowing down. 72 percent of U.S. retail sales will still occur in brick-and-mortar stores in 2024, according to new research from Forrester

With a majority of sales still occurring in physical stores at a time when labor shortages remain at record levels, retailers can leverage Aila’s Interactive Retail Kiosk to quickly enable a range of self-service experiences all on one unified platform. Self-service retail kiosks automate a range of tasks that free-up staff to focus on higher-value customer interactions. They also reduce long lines and wait times for customers, improving customer experience while preventing lost sales due to customers leaving stores because of long lines.

Here are 7 unique in-store experiences retailers can enable with Aila’s Interactive Kiosk:

1. Pick-Ups & Returns

Enable the convenience of online shopping with self-service BOPIS and returns, while freeing up employees for more meaningful customer interactions.Drop off and returns

2. Self-Checkout

 Streamline and future-proof your payment options, from traditional fixed point-of-sale to self-service checkout and line-busting mPOS. Aila-IK-madmobile-self-checkout-1

3. Price Checking & Product Discovery

Go beyond the basics and create opportunities to engage shoppers and drive sales in-aisle with rich product information and personalized recommendations.

4. Endless Aisle & Clienteling

Never miss a sale due to out-of-stock inventory. Provide in-store access to online stock and complete the payment right from the aisle. fabletics membership sign-up

5. Smart Fitting Room

​​End friction in the dressing room experience by letting shoppers request additional sizes & styles while they’re trying items on. Unlock data and analytics from what items customers request. Aila-American-Eagle-fitting-room

6. Membership Signups

 Encourage membership subscriptions while browsing store products. Show exclusive membership offers and deals with a scan of your phone or membership card.

7. Digital Signage

Engage shoppers with content that tells your brand story and creates passion and affinity for your products. Customers can interact with the content for a dynamic and highly personalized experience.

Unlike traditional kiosks that are rigid, single-point systems, Aila’s retail kiosk solution is tablet based, making it more flexible, easier to use, and less costly to operate over time. Aila also gives retailers the flexibility to use their own software applications or to engage with our application services in order to deploy their ideal self-service experience at scale.

Retail kiosk with integrated scanning features and more.

Aila’s Interactive Kiosk also scans 45+ barcodes, QR codes, IDs, and more, including damaged, blurry, and poorly printed codes, and enables touchless scanning workflows to expedite transactions and next-gen computer vision like facial recognition and optical character recognition (OCR). 

The combination of ultra-flexible hardware, integrated scanning, and enterprise services, gives physical retailers the ability to quickly transform their brick and mortar experiences with a range of modern and intuitive self-service experiences for both customers and associates through smart retail kiosks.

Thinking of deploying a retail kiosk across your stores? Let us help you take your idea to the next level

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