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Aila SDK 1.9.11 Release Notes

This SDK introducing three new power management modes, support for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, as well as firmware updates for the latest generation of iPads.

Aila Staff

Today we introduce version 1.9.11 of our SDK, which brings exciting new features and performance updates in addition to expanded compatibility for the latest generation iPads. Get the latest update now by visiting Aila’s Customer Portal. If you do not have an account, you may create one for free.


Keeping Up with the latest version of iOS

iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 Compatible

Apple released iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 on September 16th and it brings a wealth of new features and functionality into Apple’s ecosystem. To support this update, Aila’s SDK version 1.9.11 has been certified for use with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. 

There are a host of new improvements in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 that are exciting for our developer community—like App clips and improved depth sensing—look for more on this in an upcoming blog feature.


Accidents happen, downtime shouldn’t

New Feature: Power Management

This update introduces a suite of new capabilities for the Interactive Kiosk to reduce energy footprint and sustain operations even when conditions are less than ideal. Efficiency Mode reduces power usage for cool and efficient 24/7 operation, Safe Mode keeps the system online during power deficiencies, and Resiliency Mode allows our new 12.9-inch Gen 4 Interactive Kiosk to operate with accessories through power outages or without an AC outlet.

These new operating modes support smarter and more reliable deployments by bringing together key learnings from large-scale deployments, deep characterization of the iOS/iPadOS device, and our ongoing focus on user experience. For example, the iPad delivers one of the best and brightest displays in the industry, typically 2X that of Android and Windows-based alternatives. However, because humans don’t perceive changes in brightness linearly, backing off from peak brightness settings has both a meaningful impact to device efficiency and an almost negligible effect on user experience. Running more efficiently also means running cooler, which benefits stable and reliable operation for any electronic device.

Simply put, our Power Management for the Interactive Kiosk delivers class-leading screen brightness, efficiency, and added reliability.

Power Management supports the following modes of operation:

  1. Efficiency Mode: During normal operation, Efficiency Mode reduces the screen brightness to 90%, reducing power and heat at the kiosk by about 20% with minimal effect on user experience. Utility bills drop, the device runs cooler, and the user experience is virtually unaffected. 
  2. Safe Mode: When the system has a power deficiency, Safe Mode works to keep the kiosk online even through power-hungry software bugs, improper USB cables, inadequate chargers, or deficient PoE. Safe Mode automatically optimizes the screen for peak brightness within the limits of available power, and tunes the camera settings, keeping the system online. 
  3. Resiliency Mode: Specific to the new 12.9-inch Interactive Kiosk for the iPad Pro (Gen 4) this feature leverages the large battery inside of the iPad Pro as a battery backup that will keep the kiosk scanning and accessories powered through the hub running even through a power outage. This not only enables your operations to stay up and running if there is a power disruption but also allows the freedom to have roaming devices for special events or associate tasks without being tethered to an extension cord. Battery life will typically be between 4-6 hours, depending on the application, screen brightness, and usage. 

All modes have been designed to play well with application settings and user preferences, such that they will not compete with manual brightness selections by a user, and will further respect any brightness settings dictated by an app.

Power Management will be enabled by default and can be further configured via an API as outlined in our API documentation. 

Updates, Automated

Firmware Update for 12.9-inch Interactive Kiosk (3rd Gen and 4th Gen)

Included with this build is an automatic update to the firmware for the 12.9-inch Interactive Kiosk for 12.9-inch iPad Pro 3rd and 4th Generations. This updated firmware image brings support for an updated communication protocol in SDK 1.9.11, which is required for iPadOS 14. This is an unattended update that will occur within five minutes of launching an app with this build, and will take less than two minutes to complete. This build will update firmware on Gen 3 kiosks to version 1.04 and Gen 4 kiosks to version 1.02. 


Some light housekeeping

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Initialization – We have improved the way the SDK initializes to support some API calls that were causing the SDK to lock up when Padlocscan_Stop() was called after initializing 
  • Debug Levels – We have fixed an issue where the SDK would not respond to requested debug levels
  • Firmware Query – SDK v1.9.11 has introduced a new API to detect the firmware version


Aila SDK v1.9.11 is available to download now:


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