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Solution Sheet: Price Checking

Go beyond basic price checking with a self-service kiosk for product discovery. Get the full solution sheet below.

Aila Staff
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Get the full price checking kiosk solution sheet to explore:

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Ensure customers have access to pricing and product information, preventing missed sales opportunities due to lack of information.
  2. Increased Cart Sizes: Display recommended items, offers, and additional product options like sizes, colors, or add-ons to encourage larger purchases.
  3. Boosted Sign-Ups: Offer member-only pricing to incentivize loyalty program sign-ups and enable easy registration directly from the aisle.
  4. Digital Advertising: Utilize the high-resolution display for versatile advertisements and announcements when the price checker is not in use, maximizing promotional opportunities.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: Meet local and state-level requirements regarding product pricing with a fleet of price-checking terminals, ensuring adherence to regulations.
  6. Labor Shortage Offset: Free up staff from mundane tasks like price-checking, allowing them to focus on higher-value customer interactions, thus optimizing resources.
  7. Complete Solution Package: Benefit from a comprehensive solution including top-tier hardware, software, and services, making deployment, maintenance, and scalability hassle-free and tailored to your business needs.


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