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Aila at NRF 2020: Recap and In-Booth Demos

At NRF 2020, Aila Technologies showcased new solutions for checkout, a redesigned Interactive Kiosk for the 10.2" iPad, and SoftScan for any iOS device.

Aila Staff

At NRF 2020, Retail’s Big Show, retail executives experienced the next-generation self-checkout for iOS in partnership with Apple and Mad Mobile, the extended capabilities of our new Interactive Kiosk for the latest generation of iPads, and the latest line of iOS-based digital touchpoints spanning the full customer in-store journey. Here’s a recap of Aila at NRF 2020. 

New checkout options for busy consumers

Assisted Selling: Small Footprint, Big Power

An elegant, modular checkout solution featuring Aila’s table-mounted Interactive Kiosk. Seamlessly add printers and payment terminals to create a retail-ready point of sale that’s catered to each retailer’s needs. 

Store associates can easily rotate the Interactive Kiosk to face the customer to review, sign, swipe, or tap to pay. Experience all the power of a large POS system without the cost or bulk.

Aila's Interactive Kiosk with 10.2" iPad at NRF 2020.


Lightweight Self-Checkout 

A growing number of consumers drop by at the supermarket multiple times per week and buy just a few items at a time. A perfect alternative to large and clunky legacy systems that take up room and deliver sub-par experiences is our self-checkout option complete with a  lightweight bagging solution, payment terminal, and printer to allow for fast and easy checkout. 


Next Generation Self-Checkout (concept)

Big box retailers and grocery stores can look forward to a modular, iOS-based solution for checkout without the footprint of competitive systems. Complete 360-degree scanning, scale, bagging area, printer, and cashless payment, this is what the future of self-checkout looks like. 

Interactive Kiosk for 10.2” iPad

The latest Apple iPad© has a slightly larger screen than its predecessor and an affordable price tag of $329 MSRP. With support for iOS 13, this iPad is a cost-friendly  option for enterprise retailers hoping to deploy long-lasting, user-friendly solutions in their stores. 

The all-new Interactive Kiosk for the 10.2” iPad brings a redesigned power hub for delivering power and data to peripheras like mPOS attachments and printers,, as well as simplified cable management for clean and easy setup. 

Aila's Interactive Kiosk for 10.2" iPad in-aisle experiences at NRF 2020

SoftScan for any iOS device

This year we showed how mobile devices and fixed-point kiosks can work together to streamline key in-store tasks like loyalty sign-up, cart transfers, and more.

Aila's SoftScan for any iOS device scans over 45 barcode types

Aila’s Softscan effortlessly reads over 45 different symbologies including ID, OCR and more, allowing retailers an even faster way to integrate Aila’s enterprise-grade scanning technology into their apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, enabling customer-facing use cases and workflows like:

  • Clienteling
  • Line busting
  • price checking
  • product recommendations and more

Watch this recap video to see Aila solutions in action at NRF 2020:

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