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Visitor Management

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Visitor management encompasses all of the ways that businesses—from healthcare to hospitality and beyond—track and manage guests inside their facilities. This includes ID scanning to verify guest identity. However, visitor management extends beyond security protocols and into the domain of customer experience. Cruiselines, for example, can use apps, wristbands, and other methods to make the guest experience as frictionless as possible. At points of entry, guests can scan their ID, wristband, or smartphone app to quickly check in, reducing the need for staff and limiting the length of lines.

One thing each of these visitor management experiences has in common: scanning.

When paired with authentication software like the system provided by Acuant, ID scanning is the simplest way to ensure that your guests are who they say they are. After that point, guest cards, apps with scan-able QR codes, or wristbands provide a faster way to check-in. Intuitive visitor management apps with access control integration, such as Proxyclick, make it easy to deploy visitor management across physical locations.

Aila’s SoftScan captures the PDF-417 barcodes on state-issued IDs with ease, and can also read a number of other 1D/2D barcodes that are commonly found on identification cards, apps, and more.

Integrating Aila’s SoftScan into your iOS app is fast and easy, and gives you the ability to scan 45+ barcode symbologies, including:

  • UPC/EAN barcodes commonly found on products
  • 2D codes like QR codes commonly found on receipts, membership cards, and email confirmations
  • PDF-417s, found on state IDs
  • Damaged, misprinted, or blurry barcodes that are difficult for traditional scanners to capture

Manage guests, staff, and visitors more efficiently with Aila’s Softscan. Get in touch to learn more:

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