Automated loyalty sign-up and management

Loyalty Kiosk

Elevate your loyalty program and boost sign-ups anywhere in the store.


Automate & increase in-store enrollments

Boost membership

Let shoppers sign up quickly without staff assistance or waiting in line and receive personalized offers with automated loyalty kiosks.

Instant enrollment, instant access

Tap, scan, enroll. With ID scanning on the Interactive Kiosk, your shoppers don’t need to waste precious seconds typing in and confirming enrollment information.

End lines, free up staff

New signups matter, but waiting behind a new member can frustrate customers who just want to check out. Let members sign up independently, freeing up your staff.


Make loyalty sign-ups seamless

Create a tailored solution for your enterprise needs.
Explore one possible workflow—but the possibilities are endless.


Kickstart loyalty across your stores

Fits anywhere

Space is limited in retail, the wall mount sits just inches off the wall to save space.

More than a loyalty kiosk

From price checking to payments, a range of in-store experiences can be powered up with loyalty.

Plug & play platform

simple installation, fully managed solution with >99% uptime & live system monitoring.


Reimage your loyalty experience today

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What is a loyalty kiosk?

Loyalty kiosks allow shoppers to sign up for your loyalty program without interacting with an associate. Alternatively, they can be used to sign in to access membership benefits.

How do loyalty kiosks work?

Depending on the app you choose (or build with Aila), customers can sign-up with one scan of their ID or manually enter their information. Then, they can access their loyalty account anytime using the integrated scanner on the loyalty kiosk. They can manage points, redeem rewards, and explore exclusive offers. An associate will then receive a notification on their device for any assistance needed.

How much do loyalty kiosks cost?

The cost of loyalty kiosks varies depending on factors such as features, technology, and customization. Total cost of ownership (TCO) can also vary greatly depending on power usage and payment options. Aila offers flexible payment solutions for enterprises, with competitive pricing, volume discounts, and ROI you can measure in days.

Is the loyalty app included with the kiosk?

You have options! You can bring your own app for integration, work with Aila to build your ideal experience, or work with a third-party developer.

Where do I buy an app for loyalty kiosks?

Enterprises can choose to buy an app from a third-party developer, build an app in-house, or develop an app with Aila.

Does the Aila kiosk do facial recognition?

Aila leverages the front-facing camera on Apple’s iPad to enable biometrics like facial recognition through third-party partner applications that can be integrated into your solution.

Can customers access my existing loyalty account using the kiosk?

Absolutely! The loyalty kiosk allows customers not only to enroll but also to access their existing account by scanning their loyalty card, state ID,  or entering their account details.

How easy is it to install and maintain loyalty kiosks?

Alia’s Interactive Kiosk can be installed very quickly and without a technician. We also offer fully managed solutions, with support, exchange, monitoring and more, to make your deployment hassle-free.

How do I mount the loyalty kiosk?

Our lightweight Interactive Kiosk for loyalty is compatible with a range of mounting options, from lightweight table stands and wall mounts to durable floor stands that can be placed anywhere.

Are Aila devices compatible with Android?

Aila products are engineered exclusively for iOS and iPadOS™—the most intuitive, secure, and powerful platforms for enterprise solutions.

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