Build Brand Loyalty with Exceptional Customization from Aila

By Aila Staff

September 13, 2016

As shoppers increasingly grant their loyalty to brands that court brand-customer relationships, the in-store shopping experience must be bold, imaginative and even inspirational. A cohesive and immersive experience throughout the store – in the fitting room, at greeting points and in the aisles – reinforces brand strength and continually reminds shoppers of the positive feeling they get from shopping with their favorite brands.

Retail devices are creating these immersive environments through exciting applications like augmented reality and smart fitting rooms, and Aila’s devices are leading the market not only in sophisticated scanning technology but in tailored customization that complements and bolsters brands.

Influential brands don’t stop at the store-front

Iconic brands are consistent in their branding, and Aila helps you achieve that consistency throughout an immersive shopping experience by tailoring colors, graphics and enclosure mounts to match your store’s aesthetics. We achieved that for Puma with a customized interface, and more subtly for PacSun with an adhesive mount that fit their store layout perfectly.

While Aila primarily designs for Apple’s suit of mobile products like the iPod Touch 6 and iPad Pro, our versatile design staff has successfully produced enclosures for Windows-based devices as well, such as the work we did for The Container Store.

A responsive team for your project

Like our products, we’re fast and light – agile and experienced enough to respond to custom designs within weeks. Our engineering team and supply chain respond quickly, deftly keeping your project on track.

Email our engineering team ([email protected])—we’re happy to talk through the specific challenges you’re facing in your store, the device solutions we offer and the ways we can tailor those to complement your brand.

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