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Aila’s ID Tray Attachment for Interactive Kiosk

How to use the ID tray attachment for Aila's Interactive Kiosk to streamline identification or loyalty card scanning for check-in, registration, sign-ups, verification, and more.

Aila Staff

TrueScan, the scanning technology behind Aila’s Interactive Kiosk, enables quick and efficient ID capture. Aila’s ID tray attachment, which clips on to the scanning shield of the Interactive Kiosk, makes the ID scanning process even easier.

With the increasing consumer demands for more personalized interactions in retail, being able to quickly and accurately capture information from IDs has never been more important. Scanning is the easiest and fastest way to securely transfer data from identification, membership and loyalty cards to online systems. This applies to patient check-in at healthcare facilities, loyalty sign-up and check-in at brick-and-mortar retail, ID verification in warehousing, industrial, and automotive settings, guest check-in at hotels, and a host of similar needs in other industries.

Aila’s ID tray is a simple clip-on attachment that streamlines the card scanning process by serving as a visual indicator for whoever is using the interface, making it clear where to place a card for it to be scanned securely and efficiently.

How it works:

The ID tray attachment easily clips on and off the Interactive Kiosk’s scanning shield:

Aila ID tray easily clips on and off.


The Interactive Kiosk can quickly and securely scan an ID barcode, capture an image of the ID, or both:

Aila scanner can capture barcodes and the front image of identification cards.

The ID tray is carefully aligned to the scanner’s aspect ratio, providing perfect image-capture results every time. The minimalist design ensures that users won’t have to fumble to retrieve their card upon completion of the transaction.

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