Visitor management encompasses all of the ways that businesses—from healthcare to hospitality and beyond—track and manage guests inside their facilities. This includes ID scanning to verify guest identity. However, visitor management extends beyond security protocols and into the domain of customer experience. Cruiselines, for example, can use apps, wristbands, and other methods to make the […]

ID scanning is the fastest and most reliable way for businesses—from retail and healthcare to travel and hospitality—to verify the identity of visitors. When paired with authentication software like the system provided by Acuant, ID scanning is the simplest way to ensure that your guests are who they say they are. Aila’s SoftScan captures the […]

Buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) and returns are two increasingly vital services in a retail world that has converged with e-commerce. Equipping your associates with iOS devices that are loaded with apps for pickups and returns can streamline the customer experience and reduce lines at customer service counters. BOPIS and returns often require scanning […]

Clienteling and concierge apps give your associates the tools they need to provide sale-clinching product information. But when those products are difficult to look up, friction points are created in the customer experience. Being able to quickly scan an item in any retail environment makes it easier for your associates to get the information they […]

Aila’s SoftScan for iOS makes inventory management more efficient and versatile. Capture 45+ 1D/2D symbologies commonly found on products and containers, and scan even the most challenging codes that are often missed by other scan engines or traditional handheld scanners, such as damaged, blurry, or plastic-wrapped barcodes.   Take control of your inventory management processes […]

Aila’s SoftScan can be integrated into your iOS-based mobile point of sale app to enable fast and easy scanning anywhere in the store. SoftScan captures 45+ 1D/2D barcode symbologies, including the common UPC/EAN/QR codes found on products. Similarly, SoftScan can capture codes on membership cards, state IDs (for age-restricted sales), and more. Adding am EMV/chip […]