Aila for Banking

Branch out with personalized, faster service

Offer quick and convenient check-in, eliminating the need for lengthy wait times and wasted staff time.

4X faster service with 96%+ customer satisfaction

Reduce lines, serve more customers, and boost efficiency with Aila’s self-service solutions for BFSI.

Modernize your lobby experience

Sleek, powerful, and enterprise-grade that’s easy to use and is always ready to serve.

Get results, fast

We make it easier to design, pilot, and deploy faster and more efficiently.

Scale with ease

Designed to scale without unnecessary complexity, reliably deploy with industry-leading uptime.

Integrated Solutions

Automate check-in optimize scheduling and free up staff for more personalized services

Automated Check-in

Smarter guest management starts at check-in

Allow customers to check in or book appointments while in the lobby, reducing waiting times and improving overall customer experience.

Boost efficiency

Provide the convenience of online right from your lobby. With Aila’s unmatched image-based scanning, customers can scan their smart phones upon arrival, alerting advisors that their customers arrived.

Enhance in-person experiences

Streamline check-in, maximze staff time, and enhance guest experiences with Aila’s iPad-based Interactive Kiosk that’s easy to use and built on the same technology customers know and love.

Smaller footprint & less energy

Aila’s check-in kiosk solutions are simpler to install, ship, and service and fits in a <10lb box, optimizing the space you have with fewer energy requirements.

Check-in Kiosk
In-Person Scheduling

Empower guests to book their own next visit

Empower customers with a scheduling kiosk, effortlessly securing personalized appointments with our expert bank representatives for tailored financial services.

Personalized efficiency

Seamlessly book appointments for personalized financial guidance and support.

Optimize time

Minimize wait times by scheduling meetings with dedicated bank representatives.

Customize convenience

Optimize your banking experience with convenient, on-demand service bookings tailored to your needs.

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