Interactive Fitting Room

Fitting Room Kiosk

Elevate your fitting room experience with on-demand product information & let shoppers request new sizes and styles right from the dressing room.


The fitting room upgrade customers love
and stores need

End fitting room fatigue

Having to leave the fitting room to find different sizes and styles can be exhausting. Give shoppers a way to request items from your store associates from right inside the fitting room.

Never miss a sale

Let’s abandon those abandoned carts. 

If a size or style isn’t quite right, let shoppers order and purchase their preferred style right at the point of decision.

Empower your associates

Staff no longer need to wait around the fitting room, they can accomplish other tasks and receive a notification on their device when a shopper has a request.


Make fitting room interactions seamless

Create a tailored solution for your enterprise needs.
Explore one possible workflow—but the possibilities are endless.


Minimal design, powerful experiences

Small footprint

Space is limited in fitting room, the wall mount sits just inches off the wall to save space.

Intuitive UX

Fast, user friendly scanning experience that works in dimly lit environments and with damaged and blurry codes.

All-in-one platform

simple installation, fully managed solution with >99% uptime & live system monitoring.


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You have questions, we have answers

What is a fitting room kiosk?

Fitting room kiosks let shoppers request additional sizes, colors, and styles right from the fitting room. Outside, store associates receive a notification letting them know which item to retrieve and where to deliver it. This saves time and reduces fitting room fatigue.

How do fitting room kiosks work?

Shoppers scan the item they’re trying on with the integrated scanner on the dressing room kiosk. Then they select the additional sizes or styles they would like to try on. An associate will then receive a notification on their device letting them know what items to retrieve and where to bring them.

Can fitting room kiosks recommend complementary items?

By integrating the fitting room kiosk with your inventory management system, you can show related and recommended items, or personalized offers.

Is the fitting room app included?

There are three ways to add software to your fitting room experiences: partner with Aila to create your app, bring your own app, or use a 3rd party developer.

How much do fitting room kiosks cost?

The cost of a fitting room kiosk varies depending on factors such as features, technology, and customization. Total cost of ownership (TCO) can also vary greatly depending on power usage and payment options. Aila offers flexible payment solutions for enterprises, with competitive pricing, volume discounts, and ROI you can measure in days.

How easy is it to install and maintain fitting room kiosks?

Alia’s Interactive Kiosk can be installed very quickly and without a technician. We also offer fully managed solutions, with support, exchange, monitoring and more, to make your deployment hassle-free. 

How do I mount the fitting room kiosk?

Our lightweight Interactive Kiosk mounts directly to the wall in your fitting room, where the minimal cables can be completely hidden, providing a modern and user-friendly experience inside the fitting room.

Are Aila devices compatible with Android?

Aila products are engineered exclusively for iOS and iPadOS™—the most intuitive, secure, and powerful platforms for enterprise solutions.

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