Aila + Star Micronics: Seamless In-Aisle Printing

By Aila Staff

Aila + Star Micronics: Seamless In-Aisle Printing

September 27, 2018

Aila Technologies has partnered with Star Micronics to enable seamless compatibility of Star’s suite of thermal printing devices with Aila’s iPad-based Interactive Kiosk. This partnership adds printing of receipts, coupons, order tickets, and more from Star’s line of versatile and easy-to-use printers to Aila’s Interactive Kiosk with industry-leading TrueScan technology. The joint Aila-Star solutions enable a range of high-value retail use cases.

At the point of sale, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk offers a responsive interface and effortless scanning suitable for customer-facing self-checkout or associate-facing use, while Star’s TSP100IIIU adds seamless receipt-printing capabilities.

Versatile touchpoints, anywhere in the store

In the aisle and throughout the store, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk can deliver features like price checking and product discovery, including detailed product information, promotions, recommended pairings, and personalized recommendations. With the Star printer, shoppers can then print pricing or product information, including barcodes or QR codes that can be scanned at checkout.

This same configuration enables in-aisle couponing and loyalty rewards redemption. For traditional couponing, shoppers can browse coupons on the Interactive Kiosk and then print them for use at checkout. Alternatively, shoppers could check in to the kiosk via QR code on a customer app, and then use the Interactive Kiosk and Star printer to print out personalized coupons or rewards for redemption at checkout.

At the supermarket deli counter—or any other location requiring over-the-counter ordering services—shoppers can bypass the line by placing an order on Aila’s Interactive Kiosk. Shoppers who prefer the traditional associate-driven deli shopping experience can use the same touchpoint to print out an order number.

These are just a few of the solutions that can be created by pairing Aila’s touchpoint technology with Star’s fast, reliable printing capabilities.

Aila price checking + Star printing

To showcase retail price checking and product discovery, we paired Aila’s price-checking app on the Interactive Kiosk with Star Micronics’ TSP100IIIU thermal printer. Here’s how it works:

  1. A shopper scans an item at the Interactive Kiosk
  2. Product information like pricing, savings, and product images are displayed on the screen
  3. The shopper prints the information on a small, paper-saving receipt from the Star printer, which contains pricing information and a barcode that can be scanned at checkout

See it in action below:

To learn more about how Aila’s Interactive Kiosk pairs with Star printers, including product information and mounting options, download the one-sheet: 


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