Aila Technologies Debuts Next-Gen Mobile Imager for iPod Touch 6

By Aila Staff

July 24, 2018

Powerful Scanning in an Ultra-Portable Form Factor Helps Retail Associates Complete Essential Tasks With Ease

Natick, Mass. – July 24, 2018 – Aila Technologies, the touchpoint technology partner for enterprises worldwide, today announced the release of its new Mobile Imager for iPod touch 6, a powerful handheld device that incorporates fast, accurate 1D/2D barcode scanning into a sleek, ergonomic form factor. The Mobile Imager for iPod touch 6 enables retail associates and managers to handle high-value functions throughout the store from inventory to clienteling to point-of-sale.

Slim, lightweight design with exceptional scanning

“We partnered with Aila to deploy pilots of the Mobile Imager for iPod touch 6 to some of our retail clients,” said Amber Hovious, director of business development and marketing for Teamwork Retail, a leader in iOS-based technology deployments in retail. “Our clients’ retail associates are finding that the slim, lightweight design and exceptional scanning performance of the Mobile Imager offer a compelling alternative to bulkier iOS-based mobile scanners. It also eliminates the need for single-purpose barcode scanners.”  

With 89 percent of retailers planning to give their associates mobile devices by 2020 according to a study by BRP Consulting, there is intensifying demand for mobile-ready retail solutions. The Mobile Imager comes equipped with Aila’s proprietary TrueScan technology, which delivers fast, accurate scanning out of the box and has a learning algorithm that improves performance with increased usage. Features like a wide field of view, broad-spectrum illumination, haptic feedback, and precision red-dot visual aimer contribute to its superior scanning experience.

Half the size and weight of other iOS scanners

“The feedback from our pilots has been extremely positive,” added Hovious. “Retailers said they absolutely loved the sleek, lightweight design. The one-handed scanning meant they could handle critical back-of-the-store functions, such as tracking inventory, faster and more accurately. We’re eager to take our retail deployments with Aila to the next level.”

Lighter, slimmer and more durable than previous versions, the new Mobile Imager for iPod touch 6 is roughly half the size and weight of other iPod-based scanners on the market. This industry-leading portability allows for comfortable, friction-free use hour after hour, day after day.

The iPod touch 6 offers outstanding functionality at an attractive price point.

– Matt Kowalczyk,  CTO at Aila Technologies

“The iPod touch 6 is a super-compact device that offers outstanding functionality at an attractive price point, which has led to a significant demand among enterprise retailers,” noted Matt Kowalczyk, Aila’s CTO. “With our Mobile Imager, we wanted to leverage the benefits of the iPod touch 6 without compromising aesthetic or portability by adding bulk. The Mobile Imager achieves that, combining enterprise-grade durability and our advanced scanning technology into a market-leading form factor.”

To learn more about how Aila’s latest Mobile Imager for iPod touch 6 can help retailers thrive in today’s digital store environment, please visit

About Aila Technologies

Aila Technologies delivers seamless experiences for enterprises, uniting real-world and online operations to empower employees, streamline workflows and delight customers at every touchpoint. Through Aila’s TrueScan software and suite of Interactive Kiosks and Mobile Imagers that beautifully combine proven iOS capabilities with superior integrated scanning, Aila enables front-end applications that create brand new possibilities in-store and beyond. Learn more about how Aila Technologies is making every interaction and transaction we touch more valuable, for every enterprise partner, every day, at

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Download a PDF of this release here.

Download the image accompanying this release here.

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