Get the full solution sheet to learn how to enhance pharmacy efficiency and elevate patient satisfaction. Benefits: Reclaim Pharmacists’ Time: Automate customer-facing processes to save 10% or more of pharmacists’ time, facilitating quicker prescription filling and cost savings. Improve the Patient Experience: With 73% of customers preferring self-service, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk offers patients the speed […]

Here are the 6 types of features to look for in a pharmacy kiosk for pharmacies that want to automate more across their many locations.

In today’s fast-paced retail pharmacy setting, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians face a myriad of tasks that can strain their time and resources. However, a solution lies in leveraging self-service technology, specifically pharmacy kiosks, to automate routine tasks and enhance the patient experience. By incorporating self-service pharmacy kiosks, pharmacies can optimize their operations, reduce wait times, […]

The problem The healthcare industry is growing rapidly, but it faces numerous challenges that affect both operational efficiency and the patient experience. Long wait times, staff shortages, and medical errors have become pervasive issues that demand immediate attention. In our white paper, we explore the transformative potential of automated patient check-in kiosks in addressing these […]

Transform any iOS device into a robust, enterprise-grade barcode scanner with Aila’s SoftScan solution, offering unparalleled performance and flexibility at a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile computers. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from our SoftScan spec sheet: Key Features: Advanced image-based scanning supporting over 45 barcode symbologies Powers leading-edge […]

Unlock the potential of your enterprise with Aila’s cutting-edge Interactive Kiosk, designed to deliver unparalleled performance, flexibility, and reliability. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from our Interactive Kiosk spec sheet: Enterprise Ready: Our Interactive Kiosk is engineered with a secure and durable commercial-grade design, ensuring reliable high-volume use. With performance monitoring […]

Get the full solution sheet to learn how to revolutionize patient intake with Aila’s innovative self-service solutions, ensuring a seamless experience from check-in to checkout. Features: Accelerated Revenue Cycle: Streamline insurance and ID information collection, reducing claim rejections and enabling self-service copayments for accelerated revenue generation. Improved Efficiency: Say goodbye to manual data entry with […]

Patient technology expectations are on the rise. Here are 3 of the latest technology trends your patients are demanding your practice have.

Aila’s patient check-in kiosks for urgent care centers streamlines patient intake, reduces wait times and helps staff. See how.