We’ve put together this kiosk best practices guide based on thousands of successful installations across retail, grocery, healthcare, and more. 

Cashierless technology benefits both retailers and consumers but how do you decide which is best for your store? Read on…

Patient check-in tablet or patient check-in kiosk: see which is right for your practice in this informative guide.

Make your kiosk deployment a success. Attract more customers to your self-service kiosks with our our quick and easy tips.

Time has become an essential commodity to consumers. Forrester data tells us that 66% of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good customer service and boost loyalty. Research also shows that a whopping 73% of consumers want self-service technology. Trends like these drive companies with many […]

While looking into a variety of iOS-based solutions, Rent the Runway tested Aila’s Interactive Kiosk with TrueScan technology. After a pilot in the company’s flagship NYC store drew immediate positive reaction from customers, the Interactive Kiosk was rolled out across all Rent the Runway locations.

Aila Technologies has partnered with Star Micronics to enable seamless printing in-aisle with Aila’s iPad-based Interactive Kiosk.

Aila collaborated with WeWork to automate visitor check-ins and guest logs using Aila’s iPad-based Interactive Kiosk.

Aila’s Interactive Kiosk enables a streamlined solution for web-based employee check-in solutions. To see just how fast this can be, we created a demo app and video comparing a scan-enabled check-in process to one that utilizes some on-screen data entry.