Get the full price checking kiosk solution sheet to explore: Enhanced Customer Experience: Ensure customers have access to pricing and product information, preventing missed sales opportunities due to lack of information. Increased Cart Sizes: Display recommended items, offers, and additional product options like sizes, colors, or add-ons to encourage larger purchases. Boosted Sign-Ups: Offer member-only […]

Get the full customer loyalty kiosk solution sheet, which explores features and benefits like: Complete Solution: Our comprehensive package offers top-tier hardware, software, and services that are effortlessly deployable, maintainable, and scalable to match your business requirements. Customer Retention: Foster customer loyalty by providing exclusive discounts, promotions, or rewards to repeat customers, encouraging them to […]

In-store data holds unrealized insights that can transform how a retail store designs its layout and operates. Discover how it can maximize retail store value.

Discover how the trend of “phygital” is changing customer expectations and in the in-store retail experience for both shoppers and retailers.

Get the full solution sheet to learn how to enhance efficiency and improve customer satisfaction with self-service drop-offs, pickups, and returns kiosks. Benefits: Reduce Lines: Alleviate staff burden during peak hours by implementing self-service options, minimizing wait times for customers. Preferred by Customers: Cater to the 73% of shoppers who prefer self-service technology, offering them […]

Get the full solution sheet to learn how to enhance pharmacy efficiency and elevate patient satisfaction. Benefits: Reclaim Pharmacists’ Time: Automate customer-facing processes to save 10% or more of pharmacists’ time, facilitating quicker prescription filling and cost savings. Improve the Patient Experience: With 73% of customers preferring self-service, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk offers patients the speed […]

Streamline your pickups and returns effortlessly. Say goodbye to long queues and staff burden during peak hours with self-service solutions. Aila’s iPad-based Interactive Kiosk offers a quick and intuitive way for customers to handle their orders, reducing wait times and enhancing the retail experience. Get the full solution sheet to explore benefits like: Reduce Lines: […]

Self-checkout should be effortless. Yet, traditional self-checkout kiosks are bulky, occupying valuable floor space and posing usability challenges. Aila’s iPad-based Interactive Kiosk offers a swift and intuitive checkout experience, enabling retailers to minimize queues and adapt swiftly to evolving in-store dynamics. Here are some features and benefits of Aila’s self-checkout solutions. Get the full solution […]

Discover what “good” lines are within retail stores and how to introduce them to enhance your in-store customer experience.