NRF 2018: Kicking Off an Exciting Year in Retail

By Aila Staff

January 22, 2018

NRF 2018 was an incredible show for Aila Technologies. We were invigorated by the strong showing from our partners and customers, and from their innovative ideas on exceptional new in-store digital experiences. We can’t wait to help bring these opportunities to life!

New Mobile Imager Form Factors

We are excited to announce new Mobile Imagers for the iPad mini, iPhone 6s, and iPod touch 6, all of which are available with mPOS. Contact us if you’d like to learn about pricing, specs, or setting up a pilot.

Aila's new Mobile Imager form factors for iPad mini, iPhone 6s, and iPod touch 6 include optional compatibility with a quick-connect mPOS attachment.

Rent the Runway

We’re especially grateful to our NRF booth partner, Rent the Runway, for the energy and enthusiasm from their team in presenting a great collaborative demo.

Hampton Catlin demos Rent the Runway's self-service product returns with Aila's Interactive Kiosk.

Members of the Rent the Runway team at Aila's NRF booth.

Hampton Catlin, Rent the Runway's senior director of engineering, participated in several NRF podcasts talking about the transformation of the in-store experience with technology.






We showcased how Aila’s Interactive Kiosk is streamlining workflows and creating great customer experiences at Rent the Runway’s brick and mortar locations. Our work together also garnered some attention from the press:

Off and Running in 2018
With retail in the midst of dramatic transformation, the year ahead is full of opportunity. We look forward to working with you to improve in-store digital capabilities, solve customer friction points, and provide great associate workflows.

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