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Press Release: Aila Presents In-Aisle Technology Solutions for Grocery at MIT Sloan

Aila Technologies presents game-changing in-aisle solutions for grocery at a retail & consumer goods conference hosted by MIT Sloan School of Management.

Aila Staff

Aila to demonstrate how personalization in in-aisle technology improves the customer experience and leads to greater profits for retailers at MIT’s retail & consumer goods conference.

Cambridge, MA – December 9, 2017 – Aila Technologies will demonstrate the future of the grocery shopping experience at MIT Sloan’s retail & consumer goods conference, Beyond the Screen: How tech is redefining the industry from concept to consumer.

As retail goliaths such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target continue their expansion into the food and beverage space, leading grocers understand the imperative to quickly develop and implement solutions that will help increase both customer loyalty and profitability. Aila Technologies is helping grocers meet this demand with in-aisle solutions that can capture data to better understand shopper behavior and drive enhanced, personalized customer experiences that will resonate both online and in-store.

A flexible and functional in-store digital infrastructure is integral to delivering these capabilities. Aila solutions include powerful, connected in-store hardware that is equipped to handle an array of critical needs, while rendering discrete, standalone point solutions obsolete.

Aila is working with major retailers throughout the US on must-have customer-facing digital hardware, such as price checkers and custom ordering kiosks for the deli and bakery departments. These consumer-friendly touch points provide a personalized experience for shoppers and bring rich data to the grocer. Aila’s next-gen solutions enable new and valuable experiences for the customer, while also helping solve real problems like improving associate efficiency, reducing the shrinkage of perishable goods, streamlining checkout, optimizing custom ordering and price checking, and more.

Designed to meet the urgent demand for more powerful, connected, and simplified in-store infrastructure, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk readies iOS-based tablets for retail deployment by pairing industry-leading integrated scanning capabilities with a sleek, secure enclosure that can replace all customer-facing screens in the store, from the humble price checker to the point-of-sale register.

Aila’s Mobile Imager is a handheld device with the market’s thinnest form factor for iOS devices (iPods and iPhones), also incorporating Aila’s proprietary TrueScan™ image-capture technology. Designed for associate use, the Mobile Imager offers true one-handed scanning for click-and-collect, inventory, product look-ups, and other related tasks.

About Aila

Founded in 2010, Aila Technologies develops solutions for the retail environment that enable consumer-facing digital capabilities wherever they are needed most. Aila’s proprietary technology transforms Apple’s familiar mobile devices into powerful enterprise-ready tools by combining industry-leading scanning capabilities with sleek, store-ready design. Equally as adept at alleviating discrete pain points as forming a flexible digital infrastructure that will satisfy the demands of the next generation of digital-first consumers, Aila’s powerful and versatile suite of solutions is changing the way that brands and consumers interact. For more information please visit

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