Get the full price checking kiosk solution sheet to explore: Enhanced Customer Experience: Ensure customers have access to pricing and product information, preventing missed sales opportunities due to lack of information. Increased Cart Sizes: Display recommended items, offers, and additional product options like sizes, colors, or add-ons to encourage larger purchases. Boosted Sign-Ups: Offer member-only […]

Transform any iOS device into a robust, enterprise-grade barcode scanner with Aila’s SoftScan solution, offering unparalleled performance and flexibility at a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile computers. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from our SoftScan spec sheet: Key Features: Advanced image-based scanning supporting over 45 barcode symbologies Powers leading-edge […]

Unlock the potential of your enterprise with Aila’s cutting-edge Interactive Kiosk, designed to deliver unparalleled performance, flexibility, and reliability. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from our Interactive Kiosk spec sheet: Enterprise Ready: Our Interactive Kiosk is engineered with a secure and durable commercial-grade design, ensuring reliable high-volume use. With performance monitoring […]

Big Lots deployed Aila’s Interactive Kiosk as a versatile, easy-to-use in-aisle price checker with mounting options for any retail environment.