Image-Based Scanning

Aila's image-based scanning harnesses the advanced camera systems on iOS devices to provide best-in-class performance and lower TCO over dedicated scan engines.

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image-based scanning

Aila’s image-based scanning technology brings unmatched performance and a low TCO to today’s customer experiences and employee workflows.

Unmatched Performance

There's a lot more to scan than just 1D barcodes in today's data-rich world. We support over 45 1D/2D symbologies, allowing you to capture the data your business needs across demanding workflows with speed and ease.

Fully Customizable

Unlike dedicated scan engines that are difficult and expensive to integrate with, Aila's technology leverages the power of iOS and is built to scale, giving enterprises greater control, security and flexibility that can easily fit within the existing technology stack.

Lower Cost

When compared to RFID tags, barcode scanning has wider adoption, lower costs and the advantage of being able to be used on almost any surface or material—making scanning ideal for reliable data capture and engaging with customers where it matters most.

self-service scanning for package drop-offs and returns

Why choose image-based scanning for your enterprise?

Speed and Convenience

Aila’s algorithms are optimized to leverage the industry-leading processors & cameras on iOS devices to deliver unmatched performance and capabilities that can read 1D/2D codes in milliseconds.

Machine Learning

Intelligent learning algorithms like those in Aila's SoftScan reduce errors and increase speed. Traditional laser scanners are prone to malfunction and take too long to scan for consumers who are used to today's highly responsive devices.

Versatile Capabilities

From price checking and product information to ID verification and payments, image-based scanners can streamline and automate several customer-facing and employee-facing tasks.

Smarter Experiences, Streamlined Operations

Image-based scanning is the core technology behind today's most important brick-and-mortar use cases


ID Verification

Product Discovery


The vision-based scanning advantage

VS Laser Scanners

Laser scanners have limited functionality and aren't easily upgraded. Image-based scanners that use consumer devices can be upgraded with new symbologies and functionality with ease. Enterprises can then integrate these functions into their apps for rapid innovation.


RFID tags range from $0.10 to up to $50.00 per tag. Barcodes cost significantly less and QR codes can be added to your app for free.