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Integrated Services and Support

Kiosk Managed Services app MDM RSM


We have a deep understanding of the application layer to provide workflow improvements and app updates. We also leverage app insights to proactively solve system and customer experience challenges


Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables Aila to monitor and manage these devices, configurations, and stay up to date with OS patching and app version management. This also allows us to deploy policy configuration and enforcement, zero-touch deployment, secure test environments, inventory reporting, and auditing


We leverage our in-house Remote Status Monitoring (RSM) to access system health data to proactively discover and troubleshoot issues that MDM alone can’t capture

Our Approach


FULL-STACK ENGINEERING: We have a deep bench of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers working together to deliver unmatched integration and functionality

EXPERTS IN USER EXPERIENCE: Our team’s expertise in workflow design, user interface, and process integration enables us to tailor our solution to meet your needs

CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Your success is our success. Knowing your KPIs and goals, we’ll work with you to ensure you can deploy, scale, and maintain your solution with ease – and make an impact on user adoption and experience

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Our team of certified agents is here to help. Customers can easily access our support team via SMS, web chat, and our dedicated support portal

iPad provisioning, MDM enrollment, system assembly and shipping to multisite locations
Dedicated support portal with 24x7 access to personalized online resources and library
Remote Troubleshooting
Proactive system monitoring, remote diagnostics, and dedicated technical support
Rapid Exchange
System replacement and provisioning, and expedited shipping
System lifecycle management including unenrollment of devices and new configuration options

Program Lifecycle Support and Services

Explore how Aila’s enterprise services meet your needs across the entire program lifecycle

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