Patient Check-In Kiosks for Streamlined Intake

Improve patient care by simplifying intake, verification, and payments to create an environment where the patient is always the focus.

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Patient Check-in Kiosk

Reduce wait times by providing patients with a faster and more intuitive way to begin their visit while improving data collection rates and streamlining verification. Aila’s patient check-in kiosk lets patients quickly check themselves in with their ID, insurance card, or on their smartphone in seconds. Featuring integrated image-based scanning, payment and printer support, and a wide range of mounting options, our patient check-in kiosks make intake more efficient than ever.

self-service pharmacy kiosks

Pharmacy Kiosks

Pharmacy kiosks restore time for pharmacists and boost patient satisfaction. Aila’s Interactive Kiosk automates pharmacy transactions, including check-in, pickup, and in-aisle experiences. Built exclusively for iPadOS, it can quickly enable a range of fast and convenient self-service options across your stores on a secure, easy-to-manage platform.

Aila patient check-in patient intake kiosk benefits

Benefits of Patient Check-in and Pharmacy Kiosks


Streamline the intake process

The patient intake process for many healthcare organizations is still plagued by manual, time-consuming tasks, redundant processes, and a lack of personalization. Aila’s patient check-in kiosks allow patients to complete virtually all paper-based intake processes from one easy-to-use check-in kiosk.


Shorten lines and wait times

Shorten patient lines and wait times by automating the intake process with fast and intuitive self-service kiosks. Give patients the option to check themselves in with their ID, insurance card, or on their smartphone in seconds.  


Reduce the burden on staff

Eliminate rote manual data entry from paper forms and dramatically reduce the clerical burden on staff while enabling faster patient processing without additional staffing.


Improve data quality

Collect accurate demographic information to enable eligibility verification. Eliminate transcription errors by replacing paper-based or manual intake procedures with lightning-fast data capture through our industry-leading scanning technology


touchless self-service kiosk

Contactless Check-in

Eliminate the risk of unnecessary close contact. With Aila’s patient check-in kiosk patients can easily check in by simply scanning their IDs, insurance cards, and personal devices with our image-based scanning.  


Accelerate revenue cycle

Collect accurate and complete insurance and ID information, leading to fewer claim rejections, while enabling self-service copayments at the point of checkout.

pharmacy healthcare kiosk features

Aila’s Healthcare Kiosk Features


touchless self-service kiosk

Integrated scanning

With support for 45+ barcode types including driver’s licenses and insurance cards, Aila’s image-based scanning technology enables a range of quick and convenient self-service experiences for large healthcare providers and retail pharmacies. 


Enterprise Flexibility 

Aila’s patient check-in kiosks feature integrated scanning, power management, Wi-Fi compatibility a variety of durable mounting options, and customizable accessories.  With our SDK, you can use virtually any iOS-friendly app, giving you more control over your ideal patient experience. 


Benefits of iOS

Aila’s patient check-in kiosk leverages the enhanced processing power, security, and cameras of Apple’s iPad to deliver best-in-class experiences that scale with your business. Replace legacy systems with modern and intuitive pharmacy kiosks and patient check-in kiosks on the iOS platform that customers and staff already know and love.


Quest Diagnostics Aila Interactive Kiosk Patient Check In
“Aila helps us significantly save phlebotomists’ time for each patient interaction.”
- Rich Congersky, Director Of Htas Strategy & Digital Transformation, Quest Diagnostics
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labcorp patient check-in kiosk for intake ID verification copays
“94% patient satisfaction with self-check-in.”
- David P. King, Chairman And Chief Executive Officer, LabCorp
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“80% of patients reported that they’d switch providers for “convenience factors.”
- Healthcare Consumer Trends Report
Improve healthcare efficiency and patient experience with patient check-in kiosks
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aila’s self-service kiosk right for my business?

Our mission is to help enterprise brands deliver exceptional self-service experiences at scale. Our kiosks are a perfect match for enterprise healthcare providers and pharmacies with hundreds to thousands of physical locations in need of a modern, sophisticated and reliable self-service solution.

How much do patient check-in kiosks cost?

Patient check-in and pharmacy kiosks range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on features and manufacturer. Kiosks can also be purchased outright or be leased as part of a full solution with a monthly fee. Aila’s Interactive Kiosk has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than other alternatives. Contact our sales team to learn more about pricing for your self-service kiosk solution.

Does your kiosk also come with the patient check-in app?

No. However, we offer a demo patient check-in app so teams can see how quick, easy, and reliable our kiosks are to use. With our SDK, you can use virtually any iOS-friendly web application, giving you added control over your ideal patient experience. You can also check out our partners.