Warehouse & Distribution Automation for More Efficiency

Boost efficiency, streamline operations, and offset labor shortages for back and front of house with self-service solutions for warehouse, distribution, transportation, and logistics.

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aila interactive kiosk scanning for package drop-offs and product returns

Self-Service Package Drop-Off Kiosks

The rise of online shopping has created a spike in returns. Free up your staff with automated drop-off kiosks where customers can prepare, process, and label their returns in seconds—without the assistance of an employee. Aila’s self-service kiosk is ideal for shipping and transportation companies, retailers, distributors, and more.

Aila portrait scanning warehouse kiosk for iPad at Locus Robotics

Warehouse Solutions

Modern warehouses can automate a range of tasks, from employee sign-in to package processing, with Aila’s image-based scanning and enterprise hardware. Semi-autonomous robots equipped with Aila’s SoftScan and enterprise hardware allow warehouse employees to pick orders faster and with fewer errors.

Aila TrueScan Kiosk on LocusBot for Locus Robotics
"Workers can pick 2x-3x faster with near-100% accuracy and less labor, delivering higher productivity and a better workplace."
- Locus Robotics
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rent the runway retail returns drop-offs kiosk
“Aila’s scanning speed, accuracy, and design are far beyond anything else we have seen.”
- Rent the Runway
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employee badge in kiosk
“12% increase in employee efficiency with zero percent downtime.”
- Plenum
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Distribution Kiosk for package returns Benefits - Aila - Rent the Runway

Benefits of Warehouse and Distribution Automation



Automate time-consuming tasks 

Save employees’ time with fast and intuitive scanning and processing of packages and returns.


Boost operational efficiency

Improves workplace productivity 2x to 3x and drastically reduces the amount of time spent on each transaction.


Future-proof your locations

Rapid change in warehouse and distribution technology is here. With the right platform, you’ll be ready for it. Our self-service solutions can be retrofitted into any warehouse, logistics, shipping, or distribution center. 

warehouse and distribution kiosk features

Aila’s Warehouse and Distribution Solutions Features


touchless self-service kiosk

Powerful scanning

With support for 45+ barcode types including UPC/EAN, QR codes, Aila’s scanning technology is ideal for a range of warehouse and distribution experiences. Handle damaged, blurry, or misprinted barcodes with ease with our signature scanning technology.


Enterprise flexibility

Fits seamlessly into any enterprise environment with versatile mounting options and support for leading peripherals. 


Benefits of iOS

Leverage the powerful cameras, intuitive UI, and unmatched security features of Apple’s iPad. Deliver the iOS experience your customers already know and love to your locations. With a historical 5+ years of OS update support and regular SDK updates, your solution will keep improving and streamlining long into the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aila’s self-service kiosk right for my business?

Our mission is to help enterprise brands deliver exceptional self-service experiences at scale. Our distribution and warehouse kiosks are a perfect match for enterprise companies with hundreds to thousands of physical locations in need of a modern, sophisticated and reliable self-service solution.

How much does a distribution and warehouse kiosk cost?

Pricing varies depending on your kiosk configuration. We offer competitive pricing and discounts on large-quantity orders. Contact sales to learn more.

Where do I buy an app for my warehouse and distribution kiosk?

Enterprises can choose to buy an app from a third-party developer, build an app in-house, or select a partner from our network of world-class solutions providers.

Can the kiosk integrate with my inventory and point-of-sale systems?

There are a number of ways to integrate our Interactive Kiosk with leading inventory management systems and point-of-sale providers. Contact sales to learn more.