Aila + Mad Mobile: The Future of Self Checkout and mPOS

By Aila Staff

Aila + Mad Mobile: The Future of Self Checkout and mPOS

January 7, 2019

As enterprise retail upgrades monolithic legacy systems at checkout and throughout the store, Aila and Mad Mobile have partnered to deliver powerful, intuitive checkout solutions that are easy to use and simple to deploy.

Leveraging Apple iOS and versatile, responsive iOS-based devices, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk with TrueScan technology and Mad Mobile’s Mobile POS software combine for a fully integrated self checkout that works on top of legacy POS systems. In addition, this packaged solution ties in seamlessly with Concierge, Mad Mobile’s mobile platform for retail associates that delivers the tools and information they need to work smarter and more effectively. 

Enable Self Checkout: Quick. Secure. Seamless.

Aila’s Interactive Kiosk + Mad Mobile’s Mobile POS

Reimagine checkout with an integrated system that utilizes the world’s best mobile operating system to power an intuitive, frictionless point-of-sale experience. By pairing Aila’s scanning technology and retail-optimized devices with Mad Mobile’s leading mobile software solutions, enterprise retailers can quickly test and deploy checkout workflows that are easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain. The joint Aila-Mad Mobile solution boasts:   

Scalability – Bring pilots to life in weeks, and go from pilot to large-scale deployments in three months or fewer

Versatility – Effortless image-based barcode scanning, a 180-degree swivel, and sleek, secure, retail-ready enclosures with mounting options for any brick-and-mortar environment

Compatibility – Software that works on top of legacy POS system, and hardware that integrates with iOS-compatible peripherals

Adaptability – EMV chip, Apple Pay and next-gen payment methods available

Go beyond the sale

Aila SoftScan + Mad Mobile Concierge

SoftScan, Aila’s latest product offering which provides effortless scanning on any iOS device, integrates seamlessly with Concierge Associate from Mad Mobile.  Concierge is the world’s leading mobile software platform that empowers associates with omnichannel insights and digital capabilities on the sales floor.

SoftScan with Concierge enables new and enhanced tools for associates to better serve customers, including clienteling, assisted selling, mPOS, and more. And with SoftScan, Aila’s software-based scanning solution, associates can instantly access real-time stocking and pricing information, manage inventory, and make sales with any iOS device.  

20-30% sales increase. – Mad Mobile

Associates equipped with Concierge and Aila SoftScan can extend sales opportunities beyond store walls with an endless aisle of products and personalized recommendations. Further, retailers gain a comprehensive view of consumer preferences that lets associates work with shoppers to create looks based on style trends and buying behavior. 

All of this data is collected in Concierge’s configurable dashboard view of user behavior, making it easy for associates to locate the information they need to secure the sale.

Want to learn more? Read the Aila + Mad Mobile spec sheet: 

Download the Spec Sheet

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