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Aila SDK 1.9.15 Release Notes

Aila Staff

Today we introduce version 1.9.15 of our SDK, which brings performance updates in addition to expanded compatibility for the latest generation of iPads. Get the latest update now by visiting Aila’s Customer Portal. If you don’t an account, you can create one for free here.

Update – August 3, 2021: We have incremented to SDK version 1.9.16 to support a correction in the lighting intensity for the 12.9-inch Gen. 2 & 3 Interactive Kiosk.

Support for the latest OS

iOS/iPadOS 14.6 Compatible

Apple has released many versions of iOS/iPadOS throughout 2021. On May 24th, Apple released version 14.6 of their OS with a plethora of new features. To support this update, Aila’s SDK 1.9.15 has been validated for use with 14.6 and previous versions of iOS/iPadOS 14 except 14.0 and 14.2. Customers who are on either of these versions are advised to upgrade to a newer version now. 

This version also introduces beta support for iOS/iPadOS 14.7.

Pushing the boundaries of in-store digital

Beta Support for 12.9-inch iPad Pro Gen 5

The M1-powered 12.9-inch iPad Pro (Gen. 5) was released on May 21st and brought desktop-like performance to the iPad for the first time. In addition to the M1 processor, the 2021 iPad Pro’s stunning screen stands apart with the addition of new mini-LED technology powering its display, putting it leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. 

SDK v1.9.15 introduces preliminary (beta) support for the Gen. 5 iPad Pro. If any issues arise, please submit a support request with our team here

Say “Cheese!”

Image Capture Improvements

This build includes a major update to ID-1 card detection and image capture when using the ID Tray accessory with Aila’s Interactive Kiosk. 

  • Improved Detection: ID-1 CardDetection introduces an adaptive algorithm for robust detection across a wider range of environments
  • Improved Quality: ID-1 ImageCapture introduces an enhanced imaging workflow, including optimizations to focus and exposure, for more consistent image quality across a wider range of environments
  • Enhanced Brightness: ID-1 ImageCapture lighting is now over 100% brighter to reduce glare in the presence of harsh lighting environments. This update applies to Interactive Kiosk for iPad 12.9-inch (Gen. 4) and Interactive Kiosk for iPad 10.2-inch (Gen. 7/8).

Automated Firmware Updates

Firmware Update for 12.9-inch Interactive Kiosk (4th Gen)

Included with this build is an automatic update to the firmware for the 12.9-inch Interactive Kiosk for 12.9-inch iPad Pro 4th Generation. This update includes the following changes that affect the kiosk and functionality:

  • Changes to Resiliency Mode: Resiliency Mode is built into the Power Management feature within our SDK that allows the iPad to power the kiosk in the event of a power loss. Beginning with v105 of the firmware, the default behavior of this functionality is OFF until an app running Aila’s SDK is running in the foreground. 
  • Power to Accessory Ports: Prior to v105 of the firmware, accessory ports only received power if an iPad was connected to the kiosk. Beginning with this version, accessory ports will be active as long as a compatible charger is plugged into the system, independent of an iPad connection. 
  • Bug Fix in Boot Sequence: Fixed bug where the kiosk may periodically experience an extended boot sequence (>30s) upon applying power.
  • Update Confirmation: After a firmware update has been applied, the kiosk will beep five times to indicate the process is complete. 

This is an unattended update that will occur within five minutes of launching an app with SDK 1.9.15, and will take less than two minutes to complete. This build will update firmware on Gen 4 kiosks to version 1.05. 

Firmware Update for 10.2-inch Interactive Kiosk

Also included in this build is an update to the 10.2-inch Interactive Kiosk for iPad Gen 7/8. This automated update includes the following changes:

  • More Power: This update will allow the iPad to draw up to 12W of power from the kiosk using the USB-C port (Port 2) of the kiosk. This is an increase of 2.5W over the previous version
  • Enhanced Port Detection Logic: Some accessories that do not adhere to the USB specification can present themselves similarly to an iPad. If this happens, the iPad would only receive limited power. Port detection logic has been updated to ensure the iPad is identified so that it can receive up to 12W of power
  • Update Confirmation: After a firmware update has been applied, the kiosk will beep five times to indicate the process is complete

This is an unattended update that will occur at midnight (local device time) and will take approximately five minutes to complete. During this time the kiosk’s red light will blink to indicate an update is in progress. This build will update the firmware to version 1.07.

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