Mar 27 | 2 min read

Aila SDK 1.9.7 Release Notes

The latest Aila SDK update (v1.9.7) brings performance updates and expanded compatibility for the latest generation iPads.

Aila Staff

Today we introduce version 1.9.7 of our vision SDK. This release brings performance updates and expanded compatibility for the latest generation iPads. To avoid interruption in service, get the update now by visiting Aila’s Customer Portal. If you do not have an account, you may create one for free.  

Here are the new features we’re rolling out with this version of the Aila SDK. 

More Power, Same Price Point

Support for 7th Generation iPads

Beginning with this release, Aila’s SDK will officially support our latest Interactive Kiosk for the 10.2” iPad. Apple’s latest entry-level tablet, the 10.2” iPad Pro (Gen 7), was officially released in October ‘19. We are excited to support this generation of iPad, enabling a larger screen and faster performance while maintaining a cost-effective option for large-scale deployments.

Updates, Automated 

Automatic Firmware Updates

Included with v1.9.7 is an automatic firmware update for the Interactive Kiosk supporting the 12.9” iPad Pro. We have isolated a small bug within iOS 13.1.x that could affect a unit from properly enumerating upon a power loss. No manual action is needed. Our SDK will automatically apply the firmware update to the kiosk upon running an app with the SDK embedded.  The update will only happen once and takes seconds to complete. 

Freedom to Build Your Own Timeline

License Extension through 3/31/21

Beginning with v1.9.3, Aila’s framework will not expire at the end of the year as long as it remains connected to an Aila device. This allows teams to update on their own timeline, not when it might be inconvenient for their business. Version 1.9.7 of our SDK extends this license to 3/31/21, but will work past that date as long as you’re connected to Aila hardware.

Special note: For users who are on a version prior to 1.9.3, updating to v1.9.7 is required to avoid a disruption in service. 

Helping Your Teams Win 

Status Reporting

In this build, we are introducing remote status reporting to enhance customer support, optimize performance, and maximize uptime.

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