Sep 11 | 2 min read

Uncorking Revenue in the Wine Aisle

How Tastry’s AI-driven product selection engine and Aila’s Interactive are transforming the wine-buying experience and generating big profits.

Aila Staff

The Challenge

While tech- and data-driven solutions are enhancing many areas of the supermarket, there’s a glaring opportunity for innovation in the wine section.
Simply put, buying wine isn’t as easy as it should be. Aside from the occasional staff recommendation or wine rating note, consumers are offered scant information about specific labels, blends, or vintages. This can make the selection process quite intimidating, especially when a consumer may be presented with hundreds of different options to choose from.

Vital Stats

  • Average sales lift of 3-5% per store
  • Customers 45% happier with their wine purchase
  • 45% of wine consumers think shopping is complex and overwhelming

Products Used

Our AI solution has made customers 45% happier with their wine purchase and generated an average sales lift of 3-5% per store. – Tastry

The Solution

Tastry’s retail software application offers shoppers wine suggestions based on criteria such as current stock, personal tastes, mood, price range, or food pairing. When delivered on Aila’s iPad-based Interactive KioskTM it gives wine sellers a scalable, retail-ready solution to eliminate friction in the wine aisle, boosting sales and providing a great customer experience.
First-time shoppers can create a flavor profile by answering a series of basic questions on the Interactive Kiosk’sTM touchscreen. Shoppers can also build around the meal already in their shopping carts. Tastry generates recommendations based on entrée and side dishes, or it can be tied to a retailer’s loyalty program, enabling personalized recommendations based on past purchases or preferences. To connect loyalty apps for in-aisle usage, Aila’s Interactive KioskTM allows users to scan a loyalty card or QR code to load personal information, or shoppers can log-in on the touchscreen.

See the results of the case study:

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