Dec 7 | 1 min read

Solution Sheet: Retail Pharmacy Kiosk

Get the free solution sheet to learn how to solve lines and labor shortages with self-service pharmacy kiosks.

Aila Staff
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Get the full solution sheet to learn how to enhance pharmacy efficiency and elevate patient satisfaction.


  1. Reclaim Pharmacists’ Time: Automate customer-facing processes to save 10% or more of pharmacists’ time, facilitating quicker prescription filling and cost savings.
  2. Improve the Patient Experience: With 73% of customers preferring self-service, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk offers patients the speed and convenience they seek, enhancing satisfaction.
  3. Reduce Errors: Eliminate data entry mistakes with ID/insurance card scanning and form auto-fill, ensuring the precision of patient information.
  4. Go Touchless: Implement scan-to-sign-in options for socially distanced patient service on a scalable level.
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