Interactive Kiosk

Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Designed for large-scale deployments, Aila's self-service kiosk solution is ultra-intuitive, flexible, and delivers enterprise performance.

Self-Service Kiosk

Automate lower-value tasks and give customers exceptional digital experiences across all of your locations with Aila’s self-service kiosk.
Aila’s Interactive Kiosk offers:

Enterprise-Kiosk Hardware

Modern and durable hardware built for large-scale deployments that offers endless configurations with payments, printers, and power management.

computer vision
Computer Vision

Unmatched image-based scanning that quickly captures 1D/2D/QR codes, IDs and more. Easily integrates into your iOS-app with our SDK.

Touchless Experiences

Exceptional & safe self-service experiences that are easy to deploy with added layers of protection like touchless scanning and more.

Customer & Patient-Facing
Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Patient & Visitor Check-in

Provide a fast, secure, and seamless visitor registration or patient intake process. Supports touchless check-in.

Self-Service Price Checking & Product Discovery

Go beyond basic price checking to provide rich product information, recommendations, and more.

Order Pickup & Returns

Reduce lines, wait times, and provide the convenience of online shopping in-store with self-service ordering, pickup and returns.

Checkout with Cashless Payments

Make self-service checkout safer and more convenient for your customers while boosting your bottom line with Aila's self-service kiosk.

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