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Ahold Delhaize: Streamlining Grocery with Deli Kiosks

Ahold's deli kiosks got a major upgrade with Aila's smart and intuitive Interactive Kiosk for iPad. See the results of the case study here.

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It was long-held that grocery would be immune to the “Amazon effect” that was transforming other retail sectors. As big-box and fashion retailers hurdled toward the adoption of technology, supermarkets were more reserved.

 In recent years, however, with the rise of grocery delivery services, supermarkets have started to deploy new solutions to make the in-store experience as fast and seamless as it is online. 

Self-checkout, in-store pickup, and scan-and-go apps are all seeing increased usage in today’s supermarkets. As are emerging technologies like automated “cashierless” stores and in-aisle robots. 

Ahold Delhaize isn’t a newcomer to in-store innovation. The supermarket operator has been using self-service deli kiosks to enhance the ordering experience and increase efficiency at the deli counter for more than a decade. However, as a company committed to pushing the boundaries on the in-store experience, Ahold knew it could do better. 


Replace antiquated deli kiosks & reduce lines and wait times at the deli counter Aila’s Interactive Kiosk allows shoppers to place their order on-the-go and pick it up at their convenience Positive customer feedback and deployment across nearly 700 locations 


The deli counter needed a CX overhaul 

Originally built on bulky, expensive hardware that relied on Windows OS, Ahold sought to modernize its deli order kiosks with technology that would provide a better user experience and better ROI. It needed a solution that would let shoppers easily scan their loyalty cards or type in a phone number to start placing their order in seconds. 

Ahold hoped to roll out new deli kiosks that were quick, easy and—importantly—scalable. With such a solution the grocer could roll out services over 600 Giant, Martin’s and Stop & Shop stores, providing a consistently better customer experience at the deli counter.  


Aila’s Interactive Kiosk streamlines the entire grocery shopping experience

Grocery shopping is already a time-consuming activity. Long lines at the deli counter can exacerbate an already frustrating customer experience. A 2018 study found that only 23% of shoppers were satisfied with the length of lines at their grocery store. 

By putting Aila’s Interactive Kiosk at the entrances of the store and at the deli itself, Ahold was able to reduce the amount of time shoppers spent waiting in line at its stores. Shoppers could place their order as soon as they enter and pick it up from the deli on their way to checkout, streamlining the entire shopping experience.


In addition to the benefits to the shopper, Ahold was also able to roll out a new way to offer personalized recommendations to increase cart sizes and boost ROI. 


Happier customers and better ROI with a forward-thinking solution from Aila 

After an initial successful pilot, Aila worked with Ahold to roll out Aila’s deli kiosks across its 600+ locations. The Interactive Kiosks are located at the entrance and at the deli counter of each store. 

Customers are reporting a quick and easy user experience that speeds up their grocery shopping trips. 

Stop & Shop offers a handy kiosk to help expedite the process.  Simply make your selections on the screen & your number is called over the loudspeaker to let you know your order is ready while you finish up your shopping.
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For Ahold, the Interactive Kiosk solution works in tandem with a traditional take-a-number system, which is still available for those shoppers that would rather place their order directly with deli staff. In this way, shoppers get to choose the experience that’s best for them. 

How it works

  1. Approach the Interactive Kiosk, located at store entrances and at the deli counter.
  2. Either scan your loyalty card or enter your phone number.
  3.  Browse deli products, see ongoing sales and past purchases. Then add items to your cart.
  4. Deli associates will begin preparing your order while you continue with your shopping, skipping the line
  5. You’ll receive a text message or will be notified over the PA system when your order is ready for pickup


Download the full case study to learn more about how Aila’s Interactive Kiosk helped streamline the deli at Ahold stores:

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