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How Loyalty Kiosks Are Helping Retailers Increase In-Store Sign-Ups

Loyalty kiosks are bringing e-commerce shopping to life. Loyalty programs are effective while increasing revenue and inspiring customer loyalty.

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Loyalty kiosks are bringing e-commerce shopping to life. Loyalty programs are effective while increasing revenue and inspiring customer loyalty. Loyalty kiosks are changing the way customers engage with retail stores, bringing the convenience of online shopping into stores with customer-facing technology.

The importance of loyalty kiosks

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, loyalty programs help retailers keep hard-earned customers and sales. Loyalty programs have become a highly efficient way for brands to reward shoppers. In fact, more than 90% of companies have some kind of customer loyalty program. This is because they work for both companies and shoppers. 66% of customers say the ability to earn rewards actually changes their spending behavior.

Having the right technology to go with the reward program can boost loyalty sign-ups in-location. Loyalty kiosks offer a modern way to increase customer engagement and turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers. iPad-based kiosks, for example, deliver superior customer experiences on the devices they know and love  — and can enable shoppers to easily sign up for loyalty programs.


How retailers benefit from loyalty kiosks

Having the right in-store technology provides brands a consistent and easy to use way of extending their digital loyalty programs to shoppers while making it easier for associates.  Loyalty kiosks also offer the following benefits:

Enhance customer engagement: A loyalty kiosk is a convenient and no-hassle way to give shoppers the ability to sign up and receive their loyalty rewards.

Create personalized experiences: Loyalty kiosks with integrated scanning capabilities allow shoppers to scan their smartphones and display personalized offers, coupon codes and more.

Competitive advantage: Customers prefer self-service technologies over speaking to an associate when they don’t need to and that number continues to grow. Retail stores that engage with customers on their terms simply outpace those that don’t.

Convenience: 72% of consumers say they still rely on stores as part of their primary buying method. Digital natives and adults are also outpacing older adults when it comes to leveraging self-service technology because of the convenience and speed.

Increasing in-store sign-ups with loyalty kiosks

Fabletics’s business model centers around its VIP membership subscription. They chose Aila’s Interactive kiosk to help extend the personalized experience of online across their stores.  

According to Adam Goldenberg, CEO and Co-Founder, Fabletics, “Personalized experiences that make in-store worth the visit are more important than ever and that’s exactly what we’re bringing to new communities this year.” 

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Aila’s Loyalty Kiosk for Retail

Aila’s self-service loyalty kiosks make it easier for brands to deliver a consistent and personalized loyalty experience to shoppers across each store. Built exclusively for iPad, the Interactive Kiosk offers retailers a modern, easy-to-use, and quick to deploy self-service solution that’s perfect for in-location environments.

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