Why Are Innovative Retailers Going with Mobile Handhelds In-Store?

By Aila Staff

May 11, 2016

Using everyday mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as handhelds for in-store retail isn’t just clever, it’s vital. These devices are lighter, sleeker, more advanced and easier to use than the previous-generation devices, plus they offer unrivaled versatility and adaptability. For retailers interested in devices that can simultaneously deliver greater efficiency for sales associates and exciting shopping experiences for customers, it’s time to ditch traditional retail devices and use mobile handhelds instead.

Here’s why mobile is the best investment for a future-proofed and omnichannel in-store experience:

Mobile beats traditional at every turn

Older retail devices are complex, expensive and heavy, and the cumbersome design makes them difficult to use and impossible to pocket for convenience. By contrast, retail devices designed to harness the power of iPods and iPhones are sleek and simple. They complement the mobile device and make it more effective in a retail setting, plus they’re as versatile as the apps you install.

Mobile emulates the online experience

With 90% of shoppers using their mobile devices while in the store, it’s a smart move for retailers to empower their sales associates with the convenience and utility of mobile as well. Associates can meet and assist shoppers anywhere in the store and provide them with all the product and inventory information they need while suggesting complementary items as well. With mobile devices in the hands of associates, retailers are enhancing both the online and the in-store experiences and creating true omnichannel shopping.

Mobile creates a cohesive shopping environment

Delivering true omnichannel shopping goes deeper than offering multiple browsing or payment methods, however; it requires creating a seamless experience from online to the aisles, and throughout the store. Mobile devices allow retailers to build into their brand a physical shopping experience that is cohesive and smooth, replacing traditional, limited-purpose retail devices that lend disparity to the store. A strong brand is founded on unity, and mobile helps create that atmosphere for the customer.

Mobile adapts to every use case

From clienteling to line-busting to inventory duties, mobile devices offer seriously flexible functionality for sales associates. The same device, especially when equipped with the latest scanning technology, can become a lightweight and easy-to-use clienteling tool, BOPIS information center, and inventory tool, all with a touch of the screen. Plus, mobile retail devices built for the latest phones and tablets are endlessly adaptable – upgrades only require downloading the latest app. Compare that to the lifespan of a purpose-built device!

Mobile harnesses cutting-edge technology

Using mobile devices in-store means building upon premier operating systems and world-class hardware, like Apple’s suite of devices. Retailers gain the reliability that comes with using excellent products, and sales associates face a gentler learning curve as these devices are familiar and user-friendly.

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