Case Study

Increasing Sales and Profits by Keeping Shelves Stocked

Inventory and logistics company, Plenum, improves efficiency, transparency and data collection with Aila’s Interactive Kiosk.

Finding a Frictionless Employee Check-in Solution

By closely monitoring inventory levels for the most important items in the store and preventing them from going out of stock, Plenum helps maximize sales for its clients.

With the help of Aila’s touchpoints, Plenum has helped its clients increase market efficiency by 12% and continues to prevent lost sales by keeping shelves stocked across South and Central America.

Aila's Interactive Kiosk Shines in Low Light Environments

Aila's Interactive Kiosk is state-of-the-art technology. We can pull stocking information in realtime, and let our suppliers access data. Carlos Romo Corrales

Enterprise-ready iOS Touchpoints + Powerful Scanning Technology

Streamlining Retail Logistics Across Central and South America

With iOS-based software already in use, Plenum sought an iOS-based touchpoint solution that would be easy to integrate with its existing technology infrastructure. Plenum also needed a solution that would be fast to deploy and to use, which meant it would need intuitive integrated scanning. With superior TrueScan technology for effortless capture of 1D & 2D symbologies in any lighting environment, a secure and durable enclosure, and the versatility of iOS, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk for the iPad was the ideal touchpoint for Plenum to deploy, install, and upgrade.

See how Aila is helping Plenum streamline retail logistics and improve employee management across Central and South America

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