Automated Visitor Management

Visitor Management Kiosk

Modernize check-in & ID verification, accelerate productivity, and capture the right data at every visit.


Streamline guest check-in and supercharge staff

Empower more meaningful interactions

Automate check-in for thousands of guests while reducing lines by automating the visitor management process, from check-in to ID verification and payments.

Reduce errors with scanning and auto-form filling

Replace manual data entry with Aila’s image-based scanning that reliably captures IDs, passports, and 45+ barcode types for a hassle-free experience.

visitor management for banking and hospitality

Maximize customer satisfaction

Deliver intuitive experiences with flexible hardware that can work with your own app or ours.

visitor management for banking and hospitality

Make visitor management check-in seamless

Create a tailored solution for your enterprise needs.
Explore one possible workflow—but the possibilities are endless.


One platform for enterprise automation

Streamline intake

Give guests the option to check themselves in with their ID or on their smartphone in seconds.

Reduce the burden on staff

Dramatically reduce the burden on staff while enabling faster guest processing without additional staffing.

Improve data accuracy & security

Replace manual data entry with advanced image capture and ID verification.


Reimagine your visitor management workflow

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What is a visitor management kiosk?

Visitor management kiosks let guests skip the line and check themselves in via a self-service experience. Our visitor management solution uses powerful image-based scanning to automate form filling by scanning driver’s licenses, passports, and more.

How much does a visitor management kiosk cost?

The cost of a visitor management kiosk varies depending on factors such as features, technology, and customization. Total cost of ownership (TCO) can also vary greatly depending on power usage and payment options. Aila offers flexible payment solutions for enterprises, with competitive pricing, volume discounts, and ROI you can measure in days.

Where do I buy an app for a visitor management kiosk?

Enterprises can choose to buy an app from a third-party developer, build an app in-house, or develop an app with Aila.

Does the visitor management kiosk support self-service payments?

Yes, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk is compatible with payment terminals from leading providers such as Verifone, Ingenico, and more.

Is the iPad included with the visitor management kiosk?

Aila is an Authorized Apple Reseller and can supply the iPads for your deployment as part of your self-service solution.

Does the visitor management kiosk work with Android, Windows, or iOS?

Aila products are engineered exclusively for iOS and iPadOS™—the most intuitive, secure, and powerful platforms for enterprise solutions.

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