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The Rise of Hotel Kiosks

Hotel kiosks help boost the guest experience with simplified check-in that greets guests with a convenient self-service option.

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Hotel staff shortages are adding to the growing challenge of delivering consistently great customer service in the hospitality industry.Hotel kiosks are helping boost the guest experience with simplified check-in that greets guests with a convenient self-service option

Guests want hotel kiosks, staff needs them 

According to an American Hotel and Lodging Association survey, 97% of its members reported a worker shortage.  This inevitably leads to long lines, wait times and bad customer experience. Mixed with a boost from post-Covid restrictions, existing staff can quickly get burned out. 

Guests are also more likely to stay at a hotel that offers self-service options.  This  survey by Oracle and Skift showed that more than 70% of consumers are willing to stay at hotels that offer self-service technology — a trend that is also gaining popularity in retail and healthcare sectors because of its speed and convenience.

Hotel Kiosks are also a natural extension of the already heavily digital process.  From research to booking, the process starts and ends with consumer-driven technology. Of the 148 million online travel bookings, 82% occurred without any human interaction, via a mobile app or website. 

Adding self-service hotel kiosks into your lobby, provides a growing number of guests a convenient self check-in option that’s always ready to serve guests upon arrival and checkout.

Hotel Kiosk

Hotel kiosks for greetings, goodbyes, and more

Hotels can deploy easy-to-use check-in and checkout services for their guests that are intuitive and touchless.

  • Check-in: Guests can scan their check-in codes from their phones along with IDs and in just a few minutes.
  • Check-out: Guests can also scan to check themselves out and pay with a credit card directly on the same hotel kiosk. 
  • Recommendations: Guests can locate all attractions, restaurants, and amenities nearby. 
  • Digital Signage: Hotel Kiosks can be used to help promote hotel offerings, events and more while not in use by a guest.


Aila’s self-service hotel kiosk 

From the moment a guest walks into the lobby of a hotel, the customer experience begins. Aila’s Interactive Kiosk provides the ideal self-service hotel kiosk that’s inviting, easy to use and looks great in a variety of different spaces. Aila’s iPad based Interactive Kiosk has a range of mounting options, powerful scanning, and a user-friendly iOS based interface giving your hotel guests the ability to scan their mobile phones, IDs and process payments on the spot. 


To learn more about how Aila’s Interactive Kiosk can help boost your guest experience, increase revenue and offset labor shortages, contact us.

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